Founded at the turn of the millennium in 2000, Radio Free Satan established itself as one of the earliest online radio networks in the world, and the first with shows from a Satanic perspective. RFS's DJ roster was composed of several members of the Church of Satan, each one bringing to the network their own tastes and interests with weekly broadcasts. Over the many years RFS experimented with a broader roster, with hosts and managers coming and going.

In 2007, Witch Tiberia took over as Owner & Program Director of Radio Free Satan, and with the assistance of Magister Matt G. Paradise and Reverend Bill M., the team brought the focus back to independent artists, licensed music, and shows hosted by confirmed members of the Church of Satan. In 2012, Reverend Raul Antony was promoted to Technical Director and relaunched RFS as a completely overhauled multimedia website. With a fully customized WordPress engine, RFS was now able to broadcast podcasts over iTunes, Stitcher, and any other RSS service. Listeners are able to interact with each show, and share their favorite episodes over social media.


With over a dozen active shows our devilish DJ's curate the best in Metal (Metal Breakfast Radio, Metal Invaders) , Punk/Hardcore (VASCA Radio), 80's/New Wave (The Metro), Goth/Death Rock (Death Punk Radio), Classical/Opera (Vox Satanae), Ambient/Noise/Industrial (Chaos Sedated), Free-form/Experimental (Outsight Radio Hours), Psychobilly/Rockabilly (Clint Mephisto's Shit Kickin' Road Show) and more. It's not all music; some of our most popular shows include Comedy (The Devil's Mischief), Horror Movie Commentary (Terror Transmission), and News & Social Commentary (Confessions of a Wicked Witch).


Over the years Radio Free Satan has seen many shows and hosts come and go. We honor those works and archive them separately to help our audience identify what's being actively maintained.


If you're an independent artist or record label and wish to have your music featured on one of our shows, please use our contact form and send us your details.

Copyright owners: Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your material appearing on Radio Free Satan. Our managers and hosts maintain agreements with a number of independent labels and are always looking for new partnerships.