Shows: Metal Invaders and The Devil's Trill
Website: Metal Invaders on Facebook

Sonny Bellavance is a music lover, whether he is playing, listening, interpreting or even composing; Music is an integral part of his life since birth. Sonny has been member of many metal bands while he also enjoys playing classical guitar and is a collector of albums of all kinds. Sonny was in broadcasting for classical and metal shows on college radio between 1999 and 2003.

He will be your host for Metal Invaders, a show dedicated to the metal music. Every week he will offer a wide range of heavy music covering period from the seventies to the present time and whatever falls in between.

Holds the rank of Warlock and has been a member of the Church of Satan since 1992, Sonny's others interests include reading biographies, publicated a magazine ( The Ghost), outdoors sports and much more.