Show: Outsight Radio Hours

Tom Schulte is an avid, multi-genre music collector. After High School, participation in punk and metalcore bands led to Scruffy Tearaways and regional gigging. Tom chronicled his adventure through music and opinions in Detroit's Jam Rag. This column, Outsight, grew to other publications and turned into Outsight Communications, providing content for Internet and print media. Tom's broadcasting experience began with guesting on shows and then on to having a Thursday morning program on WPON-AM (Pontiac, MI). After sharing new music discoveries there for over a year, Tom became the substitute host for WDET-FM Detroit Public Radio.

Tom began an Internet Radio program in early 1998 with the home-produced Outsight Radio Hours. The show features new recordings touched on in the column. Each show features a live phone interview. Past guests from the eclectic program include Les McCann, Mortiis, and Billy Sheehan. Tom has been Internet active since acoustic modems and Freenet. He is an application developer building Internet solutions for manufacturers. As a person that spends his free time exploring new music and collecting vinyl, Tom sees Internet Radio as a perfect synthesis of career and extracurricular interests. Also, he would love to tell you about his reading list and chess.