TDM #442 - Bills, Bills, Bills

Devil's Mischief Featured

Nobody likes getting bills...unless of course it's Reverend Bill M., bringing you an hour of legendary comic "Bills"!  Hear classic 1960s stand-up from BILL COSBY.  Also a generous selection of tracks from the late, great BILL HICKS, and a third "Bill" as well.  Don't miss this whole new hour of tracks never played on the show before!

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  • Smokey DeVille on

    I am happy to say I am still employed. I mostly work at a desk, so I'm allowed to stream audio to my computer, and the disruption was forgiven. I just couldn't tell anyone what was so funny, because I would have to then explain what the Kids of Widney High is. I am in a region of the United States where lower-class inbreeding is fairly evident, and could only imagine my to explain to HR why I found it so funny, which further perpetuated a "giggle loop".

  • Bill M. on

    Yeah I could see how that would open a can of worms. Thanks again for listening!

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