Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.7

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"Ladies and Gentlemen……we got him!"


The show starts off on a good note, but soon goes down hill due to the mediocre quality of the submitted tracks. It's really not until the second half, when the classics rear their fugly heads, that things start being a lot less rubbish. But not to worry, it's equally as funny as it always isn't. At least we thought it was, but that may have been because beer was involved. In the meantime, you'll hear on the show this week: ESCARNIUM, SIN OF GOD, CADAVER DISPOSAL, HUMANITY FALLS, ENDEMICY, UTOPIUM, LIFEDECEIVER, GONE POSTAL, REVILERS, LOGIC OF DENIAL, RAZOR, DISCHARGE, VENOM, STRANGLER, VOIVOD, BOLT THROWER, CARO (who are this week's Dedicated Booking showcase band) and finally ASPIRIN HAMMER.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.5

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"Just when you think this show is terrible…"


We know it's all been a bit wibbley-wobbley the past month or so, but things will be getting back to normal soon. Though maybe not this episode. We bring you another chunk of unsigned bunk with added critique of the bitter kind, and a few tracks selected by listeners. The fools! Exterminations, annihilations, and a distinct lack of commiserations. Business as almost usual then! Hear us give a tongue-lashing to: DAVIDIAN, FUNGUS INC, MURDER INTENTIONS, TIA ADAIR, PE-IAD, AFTER DUSK, ROTTING DECAY, PUNAHRANAH, SCULPTING ATROCITY, TORMENTED, BLACK BREATH, FUNERAL WHORE, SEPTIC FLESH, WYKKED WYTCH, PANZERCHRIST and BOLT THROWER. This week's Dedicated Booking showcase band are Danish winos CORPUS MORTALE, followed by some extra tracks by LIEUTENANT PIGEON, JOHN DENVER, HAZEL O'CONNOR, GLORIA GAYNOR and MURRAY GOLD.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.4 - The 4 Year Anniversary Special

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"QUIT! QUIT!!….The British are the enemy of the Daleks…."


It's MBR's 4 year anniversary AND it's Donovan's birthday show! Therefore he chooses most of tonight's entertainment, with just a smattering from Dave. Since you listeners have suffered for so long we decided to make this show as rubbish as possible. So see if you can count how many times that particular word shows up. First correct answer - or closest - to reach us will win a prize. Or something. Along with the music this week we have congratulatory messages and insults galore from 'friends' such as Gramie Dee, Soggy Bob A., The Conte & Kenny Show, Ashley & Li Palmer, Matt Ingram, Joel & Shannon Gausten, Juliana Novo, The other Dingram and Adam P. Campbell. There's also the ear-rogering rump-rippers from: ANTON, MISERY INDEX, RIGOR MORTIS, THE MISFITS, SPEEDWOLF, DAVE BROCKIE EXPERIENCE, DISCHARGE, THE STRANGLERS, NEURAXIS, DEATHFIST, THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT, CRO-MAGS, ENGLISH DOGS, BLOODBATH, CARCASS, THE ACCUSED and BOLT THROWER.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.3

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Remember a few weeks ago when we had some time off? Well we explain why this week. Blimey! Still, it doesn't stop us jumping right back into the fray and getting on with it. With tracks sent in by new sources, old friends and choices of our own, we have one Hell of a time rating, hating and Exterminating. Statler & Waldorf? You bet!! This week you'll get: NECRONOMICON, NOCTURNAL TORMENT, KING, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, FRANTIC AMBER, BLACKTHORN, DEMISE OF GIDEON, MASSIVE ASSAULT, CORONER, NO RETURN, VINDICATOR, MISERY INDEX, VOIVOD, THE ACCUSED and BOLT THROWER. This week's Dedicated Booking showcase band is: SHREDDING CONSEQUENCES with "Reborn", followed by BILL BAILEY & THE BBC ORCHESTRA, CHAZ & DAVE and MURRAY GOLD.

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