Satanic Story Time Presents - Episode 4 - "Dagon" - with Special Guest - Gyps Fulvus


DagonThe 4th episode is called "Dagon" from H.P. Lovecraft. This is the Halloween episode for Satanic Story Time! Gyps Fulvus, dark ambient musician, and a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, has joined us for an interview to talk about Satanism, his music, and his new single, "Vortex". We also talk about H.P. Lovecraft’s literary contribution and his aqueous account of a seafarer who finds himself estranged on a bizarre island following after a hummock on the horizon. To his horror, he is encountered by a system of strange hieroglyphics, an enormous monolith and eventually, a hideous, watery monster! Listen in! Find out what new nightmare Gyps Fulvus is conjuring up! Hear H.P. Lovecraft’s unsettling story of “Dagon”, the fish god! And hear my third-side perspective of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dagon”! Additionally, Gyps Fulvus' music, merchandise and contact information can be found on the web at

Chaos Sedated #163

Chaos Sedated Featured

Featuring new music from the Sunn O)) & Ulver release Terrestrials with a mix of drone metal, ambient, and power electronics. Also featuring First Law, Steel Hook Prostheses, ISIS, Ionosphere, Nadja, and more.

Sunn Ulver Terrestrials


Artist - Track - Album
First Law - Earthbound - Beyond IO
Sunn O))) & Ulver - Western Horn - Terrestrials
Nadja - Kitsune (Fox Drone) - Excision
ISIS - Weight (Fennesz Remiix) - Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations
Ionosphere - Ocean Of Thoughts - Of Mind And Of Abyss
Steel Hook Prostheses - Funeral Songs for the Forsaken - Live & Unanesthetized
Dagda Mor - Kollaborateur - Agent Provocateur
Atrium Carceri - Catacombs of the Forgotten - The Untold
Ulver - Theme 7 - Lyckantropen Themes
Vortex - Techno Crisis - Kali Yuga

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