Metal Invaders, Episode 113

This week, Dj Hell On Wheels plays another set comprised of mostly all new artists

Setlist in order

1.  Haunt "The Tartarean"

2.  Asphyxiator "Hallucinogenic Cadaver Autopsy"

3.   William Wolfe's Brimstone Fist "Black Metal Satan"

4.   Cynic "Evolutionary Sleeper"

5.  Thorn Fetish "He Who Lurks Beneath The Waves"

6.  Hellhammer  "Satanic Rites"

7.  Celtic Frost "Ain Alohim"

8.  Triptykon "Tree Of Suffocating Souls"

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 31.0

“Is this thing on?”


Dave finally got his laptop back, re-loaded with almost all his tricks, and so all the stops are pulled out on this episode. Along with Donovan, there’s also a certain Bob Thunder joining in because three IS the magic number. A plethora of bands run the gauntlet and face Extermination at our hands. Or ears. A certain incident on the second half of the show doesn’t cause the merriment to cease, though it could be classed as sobering. You’ll have to listen in to understand. You can hear: TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE, FERIUM, ABORTED FETUS, TEEN PUSSY FUCKERS, SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES, SENTIENCE, CRIMSON MILK, ANGIST, ZOLDIER NOIZ, TERMINAL DEATH, CRACKDUST, RUDIMENTARY PENI, SORDID FLESH, CARDIACS, GLUTTONY, AUTOPSY, SLAYER and TRIPTYKON.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 31.0

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