Deep Six Radio - Episode 108

Deep Six Radio - Episode 108 - Colleen Ingram Tribute

Welcome to a very special crossover show between Deep Six and Lambert's Basement. We are tipping the hat to our Mother, for everything she armed us with for our lives, and are playing some of her favourite tracks as well as some of our own that are associated with her.

On my half of the show the artists you will hear are : -

Andrea Bocelli Feat. Sarah Brightman, Michael Bublé, Neil Diamond, Nina Simone, Paul Simon, Frank Sinatra, Don McLean, The Carpenters, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Madness

Want to know what tracks? Well tune in.

Hail Mum and thank you for everything from both of us.


Lambert's Basement - Colleen Ingram Tribute

Due to the recent passing of our Mother, both myself & Matt decided to record a joint show to honor and remember her.
I found it difficult to express my feelings over the tracks I chose while recording the show, so will do so here. There's not much Big Band Jazz, but I believe the Lambert's Basement listeners will understand. Thank you, one and all.

Murray Gold:
This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home
I Remember You - Onwards!
Vale Decem
Dave: I was born at home on January 25th 1969, at precisely 3pm in the afternoon. At 5.15pm that same day an episode of Doctor Who aired on UK television (with Patrick Troughton, the 2nd Doctor, titled "The Seeds of Death") While Mom was nursing me she got the family to haul the old black & white TV upstairs so she could watch the episode. My first experience of television was Doctor Who. Could it really have been otherwise?

Metal Breakfast Radio - Promo
Dave: While I wanted to add a lot more promos to the show it didn't really seem appropriate. Matt already placed the relevant RFS ones in - I didn't want to repeat them - and I know Mom was proud of my achievements so she wouldn't mind me dropping this one in.

Benny Goodman:
Goodnight, My Love.
Dave: The show IS named after my Dad, her husband, and I know she did like the occasional Big Band track. I chose these 2 because of their titles and because Dad got me into Benny Goodman quite early.

Simon & Garfunkel:
I Am A Rock
The Sound of Silence
Dave: Mom was a huge fan of these guys and both us Ingram brothers grew up hearing them quite a lot. I fell in love with a good many of their songs as a nipper.

Ketty Lester - Love Letters
Roy Orbison - In Dreams
Dave: These 2 come from the soundtrack to the movie Blue Velvet. One evening I sat down with Mom to watch it. She got as far as the "ear part" and refused to watch any more. I played her the soundtrack instead, and she loved it.

John Denver:
Rocky Mountain High
Take Me Home Country Road
Dave: Mom loved John Denver. If ever there was a show on TV or a song on the radio then everything would stop so she could watch/listen to it. Once again, I grew up with fond memories of these songs.

Pink Floyd:
In The Flesh?
Dave: Sunday afternoons in the Ingram household were Pink Floyd days. Hearing them belting from the stereo was always a joy. I chose 2 tracks from their magnificent album, "The Wall" since it was key to crystalizing my 'Metal-head' tendencies. Especially THAT riff from "In The Flesh?" You'll know which one I mean when you hear it…it still gives me goosebumps!

Queens of the Stone Age - Long Slow Goodbye
Dave: I've been a very big QOTSA fan for a long time. When Dad (Lambert) passed I played this track to Mom and she wept because she thought it was so beautiful. So do I.
So did I.

Hail Mom! Thank you for making me the man I am today. I…WE…will always remember you.


Thank you once again for tuning in.

Hail Satan!

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