Satanic Story Time Presents - Episode 14 - "Phantoms" Part 3 with Special Guest - Mathew Stover

Episode-14-Phantoms-Part-3-1024x512Satanic Story Time’s 14th episode, “Phantoms” Part 3, is now available for download via iTunes Podcasts and at Mathew Stover is back on Satanic Story Time. In our interview, we talked about his latest short term goals, the Jacoby Ash series, specifically “Therianthrope” and “Reverent” which can be presently purchased in Michael K. Silva’s magazine, The Nightmare Engine, volumes 6 and 7. We talked about the changing plot that the reader experiences in the “Phantoms” series and the weird twist that results at the climax. We spoke about a future spotlight in Hydra Morningstar’s magazine, Infernal Ink and an upcoming appearance in Old Nick Magazine. I spoke with Mathew in regard to his seven short stories that will “make you shit your pants”. These seven short stories are entitled “Pig’s Bride”, “Badass”, “Exchanges”, “Elders”, “Lilith”, “Something in the Woods”, and “Dark Chocolate”. Mathew told me that these stories will first appear in his upcoming Kindle edition e-pub bundle pack which will be available soon. Stay updated on M.R. Stover’s latest writings on Twitter @Twomrstover. Last but not least, we talked about giving “The Devil his Due” when it comes to authorized versions of satanic books, specifically The Satanic Bible. Digital editions of The Satanic Bible are not authorized. To obtain an official version of The Satanic Bible or other satanic sources, please start your search at this page of the Church of Satan’s official website:

Satanic Story Time Presents - Episode 12 - "Phantoms" Part 1 - with Special Guest - Mathew Stover

Episode 12 Phantoms Part 1Satanic Story Time’s 12th episode, “Phantoms” Part 1, is now available for download via iTunes Podcasts and at Mathew Stover (M.R. Stover) joins us as our special guest for an interview and allows me to narrate his most recent short story entitled, “Phantoms” Part 1. I uncover the mailbag to delve into some of the listeners’ recent thoughts. We listen to my narration of Mathew Stover’s “Phantoms” Part 1. We get to hear my recent interview with Mr. Stover. In the interview, Mathew talks about his story, “Phantoms”. He explains when he first became interested in writing and his fascination with the macabre. We briefly touch on the mythos of phantoms. And Mathew tells us where the listeners can obtain updates on his projects and find material he has to offer. To obtain updates and announcements regarding Mathew Stover’s latest stories, upcoming books and other publications, please follow him on Twitter @Twomrstover. Additionally, please visit and search for “Nightmare Engine” Issue 6; this is Michael K. Silva’s magazine. And in Issue 6 of The Nightmare Engine, you will find another one of M.R. Stover’s short stories, “Therianthrop”. Mathew briefly touches on the content within the pages of “Therianthrop” during our interview, but if you want to read it for yourself, this is where to find it. Also, check out more issues from Michael K. Silva’s magazine, The Nightmare Engine.

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