Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 32.6

“There’s Winston Churchill!”

We said there was change coming, but it isn’t this week. This is more of the same rubbish, yet highly entertaining if we say so ourselves. Which we bloody well do. Donovan brings his usual bitterness to the table, while Dave brings his range of classics. The first half of the show is brought to you sober, so do try to enjoy the second. Maybe talk among yourselves. On this you’re getting ANACRYPTIC, PROPHECY, ORDO INFERUS, NIHILANTH, SAVAGE SOUL, THE INFINITE WITHIN, UNHOLY GHOST, FLESHGRIND, SOLACE OF REQUIEM, GASH, SINISTER, BATHORY, THE DAMNED, PRONG, WINTER, THE ACCUSED, VADER and ENTOMBED.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 32.6

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 31.9

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury…”

With all the submitted bands being sent through by listeners (thank you all, too many to mention, you know who you are and we know who to send the bill to) it gets a bit choppy this week. Still, fun was to be had with them. The second half sees a selection from Dave with plenty of Donovan’s tastes in mind. That’s not as fruity as it sounds. Interpretive dance, incredible witticisms and ineffable rubbish. On this show you get to suffer: BESTIAL MOCKERY, DARK DISCIPLE, MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM, NECROCEST, TURBIDITY, POWER FROM HELL, PURGATORY, SOULEDGE, SPIRITUAL DISCHARGE, HOUWITSER, BULLDOZER, LOST SOUL, AMEBIX, HOLY TERROR, JOHANSSON AND SPECKMANN, THE ACCUSED, CHARIOT, LUDICHRIST, CORONER and VADER.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 31.9

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.8



Back with a bang, or is it a whimper? Either way, we return with a new episode for our lovely listeners, fabulous fans, and the rest of you gorgeous gits. First half sees submitted bands through the sniper's scope - with a surprise money shot at the end. Second half is all about David, since we didn't get to celebrate his birthday properly. He chooses these ones, much to Donovan's chagrin. Or poor taste in music. It's definitely not self-depreciating rubbish. On it you can hear: OBLIVION, EKSPOSISI, SEVERITY, CRYPTIC BLOOD, SLAUGHTERDAY, SERPENT EATER, BLOOD LABEL, MORFIN, SPEWTILATOR, CANCEROUS WOMB, DESTRUCTOR, DISCHARGE, THE ACCUSED, VOIVOD, VENOM, BATHORY, POSSESSED, RAZOR, BOLT THROWER and THE VANDALS.Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.8

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.4

"Timey what?"

This episode was recorded a long time ago so we've completely forgotten what we talked about. Beers were involved, as was music. Some of it was rubbish but some of it was top notch and excellent….though this will have been down to Dave singing on it. Did we say beers were involved? Listen in to hear SKEWERED, ROTTING DECAY, ENDING QUEST, GORE CADAVER, OBLIVION, CEREBRAL PARALYSIS, ANAL FLESH, DISINTERRED, GUTTERAL PUTREFACTION, ROARBACK, BOLT THROWER, CARBOMB, JUNGLE ROT, VOIVOD, MAGRUDERGRIND, REVOCATION, TRAP THEM, HATE, THE ACCUSED and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MENMetal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.4

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