The Devil's Mischief #569

The Devil's Mischief #569

Hear part one of a two-part 1970s AMERICAN STAND-UP special!  Featuring the ultra-blue comedy of RICHARD PRYOR (hey, it's only once in one hundred episodes that we get one ending in '69'), plus the legendary STEVE MARTIN and GALLAGHER (no props!).  Groovy.

Devil's Mischief REWIND: #367

The Devil's Mischief Featured iTunes

From the Devil's Mischief vaults comes episode #367!  Unheard since it first aired in 2010, this episode included previously unreleased material from BILL HICKS, a tribute to LESLIE NIELSEN, hilarious prank call blasphemy from BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE, plus STEVE MARTIN and GEORGE CARLIN.  Have a listen!

The Devil's Mischief #458 - Richard Pryor, Todd Barry, Steve Martin

This week, the legendary stand-up of RICHARD PRYOR!  Also the deadpan comedy of TODD BARRY, classic tracks from CHEECH & CHONG, blasphemous novelty from STEVE MARTIN, and more religion-bashing humor from RICHARD BELZER who makes his Devil's Mischief's debut on this episode.

TDM #450: Viva Vinyl Variety!


The Devil's Mischief presents a VINYL VARIETY HOUR, with comedy and novelty straight from the Reverend Bill's turntable. Hear over an hour of tracks never played on the show before, with comedy from STEVE MARTIN, x-rated sing-alongs with JOHN VALBY, 1960s stand-up from GEORGE CARLIN, and an assortment of strange flea market novelty. Don't miss this hour right out of the Devil's Mischief's vinyl vaults!



The Devil's Mischief #445

Devil's Mischief Featured

There's no shortage of great comedy and novelty about the elderly.  Listen to lots of comedic takes on the topic from JONATHAN WINTERS and GEORGE CARLIN, joke telling from GILBERT GOTTFRIED and JOHN FOX, novelty from STEVE MARTIN and PAT GODWIN, and a whole lot more.  Also bizarre novelty from THE RESIDENTS.

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