Metal Invaders Episode 143

Your original host of Metal Invaders, Sonny Bellavance, returns in this episode to present music from Venom, Testament, Dark Tranquility, Denner/Shermann, Exciter, Volbeat and more.

Sonny also reveals never-aired interview segments with Michael Weikath (Helloween), a Nameless Ghouls (Δ, lead guitar for Ghost) and with Lord Arhiman (Dark Funeral).

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Ester Segarra


The Devil's Trill - Episode 24

The Devil's Trill Episode 24

1- A. Scriabin - Funeral March
Mark Birnbaum - Piano

2- M. Bruch - Violin Concerto #1 In G
Yehudi Menuhin

3- J.S. Bach - Organ Works BWV 572
Nicolas-Alexandre Marcotte, Organ

4- J.S Bach - Keyboard Partita #1 In B Flat, BWV 825 - Allemande
Dinu Lipatti, Piano

5- J.S Bach - Keyboard Partita #1 In B Flat, BWV 825 - Courante
Dinu Lipatti, Piano

6- J.S Bach - Keyboard Partita #1 In B Flat, BWV 825 - Menuet #1 & 2
Dinu Lipatti, Piano

7- C. Debussy - Bergamasque Prelude
Mark Birnbaum, Piano

8- C. Debussy - Sunken Cathedral
Mark Birnbaum, Piano

9- E. Elgar - Violin Concerto In B Minor, Op. 61 - 2. Andante
Yehudi Menuhin

10 - J. S. Bach - BWV 1002 - VII. Tempo di borea
David Jacques - Baroque Guitar

11- 10 - J. S. Bach - BWV 1002 - V. Sarabande
David Jacques - Baroque Guitar

The Devil's Trill - Episode 21

The Devil's Trill

Episode 21

1.Claude Léveillée - La Grande Valse Fofolle.
Daniel Clarke Bouchard, piano;

2.Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition: IV. The Old Castle
Valery Gergiev & Wiener Philharmoniker;

3.Bach - Largo From Piano Concerto No. 5
Album: Classical Favorites;

4.Weiss - the Dresden Manuscript, Sonatas 1-4 In F Major
John Schneiderman, lute;

5.Scarlatti - Sonata in A Major
Liona Boyd, guitar;

6.Mozart - Molto Allegro From Symphony No.40 (1St Movement)
Album: Classical Favorites;

7.Rodrigo - Adagio From Concierto De Aranjuez
Album: Classical Favorites;

8.De Falla - Danza Ritual Del Fuego
Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà;

9.Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95
"From the New World": II. Largo
Berliner Philharmoniker & Rafael Kubelik;

10.Granados - Valses Poéticos
John Williams;

11.Mozart - Andante From Piano Concerto No. 21

12.Traditionnal - Le Reel Du Diable
Infernal Violins - Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà;

The Devil's Trill


Metal Invaders- Interview and Music with Chuck Garric (Beasto Blanco, Alice Cooper)

For this very Special Episode of Metal Invaders, Sonny Bellavance had a conversation with Chuck Garric.

Chuck Garric is  the current bassist for Alice Cooper.

He has played with Turd, The Druts, L.A. Guns, Dio, and Eric Singer Project (ESP).


 Chuck Garric toured with Dio in 1999 - 2000 in support of the Magica record. Chuck also co-wrote the song "Death By Love", which appeared on the Dio record Master of the Moon.

Chuck have released, this last October, his own album LIVE FAST,DIE LOUD with BEASTO BLANCO.


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Metal Invaders: ODERUS of GWAR talking about BATTLE MAXIMUS

For this very special episode of Metal Invaders, host Sonny Bellavance talked with ODERUS of GWAR!!

GWAR's singer had speak about BATTLE MAXIMUS, the new album officialy released this 17th of September 2013... and many others scumdogs things.

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