Dark Voices - Episode 002 - The Satanic With Part I


The long-awaited 2nd episode of Dark Voices is finally here! This episode kicks off a four part series on The Satanic Witch. I will be featuring interviews and stories all centered around this all important volume. The book was first published as The Compleat Witch, or What to Do When Virtue Fails, in 1971 (and like most of LaVey's work, I feel, way ahead of its time) and has been giving Satanists the keys to Lesser Magic and the tools to manipulate situations to a Satanist's advantage ever since. This book means a great deal to me as a Satanist and, to this day, I still feel it is underappreciated. I hope by doing this series on Dark Voices, I'll encourage a new generation of Satanists to pick up the book and, those that may not have given it a very thorough read through the first time, I'll be giving the encouragement to give it a 2nd look.

In the first episode of the series I briefly discuss and break down the LaVey Personality Synthesizer Clock and discuss image before proceeding to the interview. Our featured interview this episode is with master crocheter, knitter, and hair-stylist First Degree I° Satanist Misty Tyers! She shares her thoughts on the Law of the Forbidden, using Lesser Magic to yield greater tips, and we both discuss the idea of image and transexuality within The Satanic Witch.


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