Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.8



Remember how last week was such a bloodbath? Well it seems that there's some residual bitterness hanging in the atmosphere of the MBR studio bunker, as this one sees an equally gore-covered guillotine. The Exterminate button has it's work cut out for it, but there are a couple of peaches in there somewhere. You'll just have to delve through David and Donovan's diatribe to discover it. This week you can hear the underwhelming codswallop of: IXPAPALOTL, ITSELF, VOLTUMNA, DECOMPOSING ENTITY, AGGRESION, INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE, PROFFANO, INTENSE HAMMER RAGE, NOLENTIA, VORUM, RANCID GUTS, ABNORMALITY, BIRDFLESH, INTERNAL SUFFERING, VENEMOUS CONCEPT, CURSED, PUTRID PILE, DISFEAR, DEATH BREATH, VADER, DOWNLORD, BANNED AID and IRON FIRE.



On April 1st we record our 5 year anniversary show. We'd like to invite our valued listeners to send in MP3s (about a minute long) with a message, what you love and/or hate about the show, some witty insults, anything - be as creative as you like. As long as it's funny. Submissions should be in before March 31st 2013, but the sooner the better. Many thanks.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.8

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 24.7

"Not only that, George…they're women!"

Cor blimey! This episode has a slightly annoying start, a very annoying new background ambience that we may or may not use again, multiple annoying selections from Donovan, and the annoying habit of changing lyrical horses midstream in a song. There's still the submitted rubbish from bands, and the rather rubbish commentary. Overall….bloody annoying rubbish. But. if you dare to listen in, you'll hear: RETALIATORY MEASURES, CREATE RAPID MASSACRE, KAOTIK, COLDWORKER, SAYYADINA, TRIBULATION, NIGH, RINGWORM, EXECRATION, EYETOFUK, DESULTORY, SCISSORFIGHT, THE KOLONY, DISGUST, BLOOD RED THRONE, VALLENFYRE, and CARNIVORE.


Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 24.3

"Indeed, the Scottish gentleman had disintegrated."

An indulgent show, but not from our archives. This week's wibbly-wobbliness was chosen by our mate Calum from the band Bonesaw, and all the way from Scotland. Since we were going to need help on this one we drafted in Bob Thunder to help out. He had a good time, as did we, with Calum's choices. Were there any Exterminations? Tune in to find oot! Lift your kilt and waggle your caber to: DARK ANGEL, THE GROTESQUERY, D.R.I., DIO, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, INVERTED CROSS, ABSOLUTIST, AFGRUND, HOT GRAVES, BOMBS OF HADES, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY, ABORTED, DISFEAR, CRETIN, THE MISFITS, THE ROTTED, SINISTER and BOLT THROWER.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.8





Put on an adult diaper, grab your reading glasses, and ramp up your hearing aid! This week we are joined by our OLD mate Bob Thunder. He chips in with the critiquery (a new word we just invented) of submitted bands, and rubs our bishops with some choices of his own. Crack your arthritic joints in time to: INSET, SOLACE AND STABLE, SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT, DISINTEGRATE, INFERION, WITHDRAWAL, SILENCER, PUTRIFIED, WRITHING, WARLOCK, NOCTURNUS, BRAVE THE MOMENT, NILE, NAILS, GUMO MANIACS, MINCING FURY, INIQUITY and BONESAW.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.5

"This is the best radio show I've listened to in years…"


Indulgence. Sheer self-indulgence. That's the name of the game this week, along with a few badger-related ales, and we at MBR bring a batch of beauties to brutally bounce your buttocks back to bloody-minded basics. Now THAT's alliteration! On this one you can hear: BOLT THROWER, DEMIRICOUS, ASPHYX, DISCHARGE, SEXCREMENT, THE ACCUSED, SLUGATHOR, G.B.H., ISHITROBOTS, RAZOR, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, MISERY INDEX, GOREFEST, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, VADER and INIQUITY.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 22.4

"I wonder what this is…"


We plough on with another dose of everyones favorite rubbish…yes, it's Metal Breakfast Radio. Unfortunately we can't remember a bloody thing about what was said on the show this week - not that beer wasn't involved - but there are a bunch of bands that submitted material for us to critique. Warm up that Extermination button, it's time to get bitter! On this week's docket we've got: SEXCREMENT, DEFORMED SLUT, VESPERIAN SORROW, DECAY, ALTAR OF PAIN, COFFIN TEXTS, BEGRIME EXEMIOUS, CHAOS INCEPTION, NUCLEAR, PLAGUE H.D.C., GWAR, SADUS, CORONER, MASSIVE ASSAULT, SAMHAIN, DEHYDRATED GOAT, LOST SOUL and SIA RADIKAL

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