Satanic Story Time - Episode 21 - "Sanguinivore" with special guest M.R. Stover

EP 21 - SanguinivoreSatanic Story Time presents episode 21 – “Sanguinivore” with special guest, M.R. Stover. We sat down and talked to M.R. Stover about his latest story entitled “Spirits” which is featured in Old Nick Magazine, his recent book signing in January, his contributions in regard to Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror (LGoH) 2015, his most recent offering to Satanic Story Time, “Sanguinivore” which is narrated by me with some visceral sound effects that according to the author are downright scary! We spoke briefly about his next offering to Satanic Story Time, “Draugr”, which will be featured in Episode 22 and conclude the two part mini-series. To follow M.R. Stover on Facebook and receive updates, just search for Twomrstover on Facebook.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 10.6

"Caveat audiens…"


Okay, so we're recycling again. So what about it? That's the bad news, which isn't too terrible now, is it? The good news is that this was the first show that was available on so if you missed out back then you get to hear what we were like in our youthful moments. As you would usually expect, we can't remember who is on this episode so it'll be a nice surprise for everyone. Ourselves included. We can tell you that it was somewhat of an indulgent show and additionally there might be the odd commercial here or there that's out of date, but we're sure you know how to use the fast forward button facility. There may also be references to websites of ours that no longer exist. Remember: this show is over 3 years old. And we don't give a tinker's cuss.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 10.6

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