Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.2

"Where the bloody Hell am I?!!"

Cor Blimey! What a great show, if we say so ourselves. And we will. Blowing our own trumpets is mandatory. Pity it hurts the spine. Ooh-er. More submissions from the Chunder-ground, some from good friends, all of it's rubbish. Except those that aren't. But you'll have to listen in to find out which. On this spectacular spunk spectacle you can have your ears spooged by MOUNTAIN THRONE, BONES, INISANS, DIRTDRINKER, LOGIC OF DENIAL, UNBORN SUFFER, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT, UMBRAL TORTURE, SARGON, MAN MUST DIE, RIBSPREADER, ABSU, HAVOK, FACEBREAKER, ADRAMALACH, ENTOMBED, GAMA BOMB, CELTIC FROST, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN and BROKEN BONES.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.2

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 28.8

"Yet another master plan from British Intelligence."

It's just the two of us on this episode and we've got submissions up the wazoo. Ooh-er. Plenty of derogative comments, a bunch of Exterminations, a few choice moist murmurs (hic!) and a lot of laughs later we head into the second half all to cock. Most enjoyable bollocky rubbish with a crock of crusty critique and multiple senior moments. On this week's train wreck you can hear WARMASTER, CESSPOOL OF VERMIN, PYROCLASTIC, ENCEPHALOPATHY, NARCOTIC, PAY THE PRICE, DEAD WARRIOR, NAILS, HAMMER FIGHT, SATAN'S SPERM, RIGOR MORTIS, MOSFET, DEATH, THE VILE, VOIVOD, NOXA, VADER and BOLT THROWER.Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 28.8

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.8



Remember how last week was such a bloodbath? Well it seems that there's some residual bitterness hanging in the atmosphere of the MBR studio bunker, as this one sees an equally gore-covered guillotine. The Exterminate button has it's work cut out for it, but there are a couple of peaches in there somewhere. You'll just have to delve through David and Donovan's diatribe to discover it. This week you can hear the underwhelming codswallop of: IXPAPALOTL, ITSELF, VOLTUMNA, DECOMPOSING ENTITY, AGGRESION, INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE, PROFFANO, INTENSE HAMMER RAGE, NOLENTIA, VORUM, RANCID GUTS, ABNORMALITY, BIRDFLESH, INTERNAL SUFFERING, VENEMOUS CONCEPT, CURSED, PUTRID PILE, DISFEAR, DEATH BREATH, VADER, DOWNLORD, BANNED AID and IRON FIRE.



On April 1st we record our 5 year anniversary show. We'd like to invite our valued listeners to send in MP3s (about a minute long) with a message, what you love and/or hate about the show, some witty insults, anything - be as creative as you like. As long as it's funny. Submissions should be in before March 31st 2013, but the sooner the better. Many thanks.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.8

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.3

"Oh I'm sure you could, Bishop."


This episode has a slightly different format to it, which means you'll probably think it's exactly the same as any other. Besides there being some new background ambience (annoying, isn't it?) there's also tracks submitted by the usual suspects AND a few unusual ones. Such as actual listeners. There's a couple from us as well, which almost brings the whole thing crashing down. Again. This week we drop the following bands into the aural blender: CHAPEL OF DISEASE, DECEPTOR, FORCEPS, NEROCAPRA, MORTIFEROUS SCORN, VOMIT DISEASE, BLOOD TSUNAMI, ABOSRANIE BOGOM, SULPHUR AEON, KHAOZONE, THOR, DEAD ORCHESTRA, URN, DESASTER, EXCITER, RIBSPREADER and DEATH BREATH.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.3

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 24.5

"Aching to get nude and start oiling up."


Our buddy Barry, one of the Bonesaw boys, alerted us to a free compilation download which we soon snarfled, rifled through, deleted the really rubbish, and generally weeded out the weak…to bring you the cream of the crud. With a couple more chunderous chaps thrown in - and a bunch of flassic follies - it's another dose of dopey daftness from Dave & Donovan. This week there's ACID SHARK, SKELETAL REMAINS, BLACK VEINS, SIPHON THE MAMMON, DRUG COUPLE, LET IT DIE, CHAOS INC., MANGLE, DAEMONICUS, THE ATROCITY EXHIBIT, ABLACH, ATROCITY, NEURAXIS, DEADBORN, INFERNAL MAJESTY and VOIVOD.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 24.3

"Indeed, the Scottish gentleman had disintegrated."

An indulgent show, but not from our archives. This week's wibbly-wobbliness was chosen by our mate Calum from the band Bonesaw, and all the way from Scotland. Since we were going to need help on this one we drafted in Bob Thunder to help out. He had a good time, as did we, with Calum's choices. Were there any Exterminations? Tune in to find oot! Lift your kilt and waggle your caber to: DARK ANGEL, THE GROTESQUERY, D.R.I., DIO, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, INVERTED CROSS, ABSOLUTIST, AFGRUND, HOT GRAVES, BOMBS OF HADES, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY, ABORTED, DISFEAR, CRETIN, THE MISFITS, THE ROTTED, SINISTER and BOLT THROWER.

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