Radio Free Satan's 15th Anniversary

Happy 15th anniversary to Radio Free Satan!  In celebration of fifteen years of infernal audio, hear ALL of our current shows represented in this extra-long special, with unique contributions from every DJ.  Also Magister Bill M. welcomes back Professor Sinister, host of Radio Free Satan's "Vault of the Lost" program (2000-2007), for an exclusive talk about the station's early history, its rise through the highs and lows, rare station recordings, and more.  Hail Radio Free Satan!



Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 33.4

“Play me off, Johnny!”

It’s indulgence with a twist this week! Donovan chooses all the first half of the show, and they’re all bands we’ve never heard of. Or want to hear from again. Second half has Bob choosing everything, even with some that had Donovan in mind, and Dave manages to slip one in somewhere. Oh, if we had a dollar for every time that happened. Make no mistake, it’s a laugh a minute. Play us off, Johnny. On this you’ll get: BLACK TUSK, DUST BOLT, RAMMING SPEED, HAVOK, HATRED SURGE, MAGRUDERGRIND, METAL RUMBLE, UNPERSONS, WARBEAST, DIOCLETIAN, SORT SOL, CRUMBSUCKERS, ANNIHILATOR, BROKEN BONES, STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH, CRO-MAGS, MEGADETH, ONSLAUGHT, UFO, CARNIVORE, VENOM, and MALEVOLENT CREATION.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 33.4

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 10.6

"Caveat audiens…"


Okay, so we're recycling again. So what about it? That's the bad news, which isn't too terrible now, is it? The good news is that this was the first show that was available on so if you missed out back then you get to hear what we were like in our youthful moments. As you would usually expect, we can't remember who is on this episode so it'll be a nice surprise for everyone. Ourselves included. We can tell you that it was somewhat of an indulgent show and additionally there might be the odd commercial here or there that's out of date, but we're sure you know how to use the fast forward button facility. There may also be references to websites of ours that no longer exist. Remember: this show is over 3 years old. And we don't give a tinker's cuss.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 10.6

Deep Six Radio - Episode 119

We are both back at the helm of Deep Six and this weeks show promises to be a great one. We still have our mix of 6 bands a piece as well as the 6 underground acts. But as the last show had 3 Devil's Den tracks feature, Andy and myself decide to bring in a new feature called Guilty Pleasures.


Some of the underground acts that appear on this weeks show come courtesy of In At The Eye Records. Go to www.IATERecords for more information.


Here are a few of the underground acts appearing on the show: -


The Whiskey Syndicate

93 Million Miles From the Sun

If Looks Could Kill



David Rice


There is plenty more quality tracks on the show so tune in to Deep Six only on Radio Free Satan.


Thank you once again for tuning in.


Hail Satan!


If you want to be played on Deep Six Radio, email me your MP3's and links to : Ensure that you include a bio and anything you would like mentioning on air.


Remember you can find Deep Six Radio on Facebook, just search the name.

DTR - Episode II (26, November)

I. Selected Reading - Aphorisms from Nietzsche's "Beyond Good and Evil"
II. The Silver Screen - "The Seven Year Itch"
III. News & Forbidden Topics - Eugenics: The Key To A Brighter Future.

Christopher Lee - Serenade (from Charles Gounod's famous opera Faust)
Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Frankie Laine - Miss Satan
Harvest Rain - Thuletide

Chaos Sedated #143

On this episode we commemorate my birthday by featuring some of my all-time favorites in Death Industrial and Power Electronics.

Artist - Track - Album
Mz.412 - Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Your Wrath - Infernal Affairs (Remastered)
Land:Fire - Intense Light - Physical:Mental:Psychological
In Slaughter Natives - The Vulture - Flowers Made Of Snow
Deutsch Nepal - Heartbomb - Erotikon
Brighter Death Now - Necrose Evangelicum - Necrose Evangelicum
Navicon Torture Technologies - Diary Of A Predator - Three Knives
Death Squad - Anthem / Ideologicalisms & Ists - Theological Genocide
SPK - Slogun - Auto Da Fe
Throbbing Gristle - Six Six Sixties - 20 Jazz Funk Greats - (Remastered)
Propergol - Swat Police - United States
Haus Arafna - Amputation Cures - The Singles 1993-2000
The Grey Wolves - We Don't Care - Division
Genocide Organ - Vive La Guerre - :Remember:
Turbund Sturmwerk - O. Sic Transit - Turbund Sturmwerk
Inade - The World Behind the World - The Incarnation of the Solar Architects



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