Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 38.5

“Oooh, I’d let that guy spread…”

Last time an episode was posted it was said that there would be new content this week. Well here it is, and it was recorded in the eleventh hour. Dave alone on this one, so with a indulgent palette he paints a picture of purloined power. Or some such rubbish. A varied mix that will have you chewing your own foot off in no time. Bob and Kent will be back soon enough, so have no fear of the perilous pensioners. And don’t forget Dave’s birthday on January 25th! Help him remember, since he too is getting on a bit. On this one you can hear - amongst many others - GATH, BULLDOZER, URSINNE, COFFINBORN, JUDAS PRIEST, ANVIL, BROKEN HOPE, HAIL OF BULLETS, ECHELON, RUDIMENTARY PENI, CHARIOT, SAVATAGE, SINISTER, REAGAN YOUTH, THE DEAD GOATS, PAGANIZER and a bunch more!

Death Punk Radio - Episode #29

On this special 3 Year Anniversary episode, M.D. Roche brings in the new year with another assortment of Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Post-Punk and Darkwave, featuring:

Siouxsie And The Banshees, Anasazi, Corpus Delicti, Pretentious Moi?, Tragic Black, Undying Legacy, Death Cult, Götterdämmerung, Lost Tribe, Horror Vacui, The Wake, Dead Souls Rising, and Switchblade Symphony.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 38.4

“They are doing this on purpose…”

Finally, it’s here! The episode you’ve all been hating for. Yes, it’s the Metal Breakfast Radio Xmas Ham and Jamboree. This year’s special features…not Kent! Sadly the man was so sick he had to pull himself off - we mean OUT! - of this episode. He sent in some tracks, and of course they were treated with the utmost respect that is due to a fellow show host. Dave and Bob forge onwards, forwards, upwards and foxtrot a bit sideways while having two extra voices join in. Who could it possibly be? Why don’t you listen in to find out! Who is sober by the end? Who has to clean up afterwards? And - most importantly - who gives a shit? Not us, so listen in or find a good place to jam that ham.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 38.4

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 38.2

“…unbelievably boring….”

Yet another show where Dave is alone, and again it’s due to illness. Indeed, this time of year is known as the “silly season” when influenza and other nasties are rife, and MBR isn’t immune to them. So Dave, healthy as a bull, takes charge to deliver new content. A sad start to the show, as he makes mention of the passing of his friend Jonas, but brings forth some great memories of times past. Classics abound on this week’s episode. Definitely not rubbish. You’ll hear NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, BOLT THROWER, VENOM, AVENGER, MOTORHEAD, EASTERN FRONT, KILLDOZER, NECROPHAGIA, INFERNAL MAJESTY, PRONG, ANTHRAX, LOST SOUL, MELVINS, MONDO GENERATOR, DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH and IAN GILLAN.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 38.2

Buzz Kill - Episode #10

Josie Gallows provides another unique mix of Alternative tracks, featuring:

Mischief Brew, Fidlar, Wavves, Pain Teens, The Distillers, Against Me!, The Front Bottoms, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Wingnut Dishwashers Union, Bikini Kill, Babes In Toyland, Bass Drum Of Death, The Angel Sluts, Hole, Days N' Daze, Pixies, The Taxpayers, and Johnny Hobo & The Freight Trains.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.9

“…old habits dye scarves…”

New episode ribbed for your pleasure! Including lots of bands running the gauntlet of Extermination. Plenty to look forward to since MBR is back to full strength on this one. But just wait for the beer to kick in and hear it all go horribly wrong. It doesn’t take too much timey-wimey.  Listen in for GRIM COMET, BURNING HATRED, GLUTTONY, SORDID FLESH, CREMATION, PSYCHOTRON, ROTTING REPUGNANCY, PARASIT, LICH KING, VHS, PESTILENCE, INFERNAL MAJESTY, MOTLEY CRUE, HANAKO, STENCH PRICE, and GWAR.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.9


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