Satanic Story Time Presents - Episode 15 - "The War of the Worlds" with Special Guest - Sepp Salerno

War of the Worlds Image for EP 15Satanic Story Time’s 15th episode, “The War of the Worlds” with Special Guest, Sepp Salerno, is now available for download via iTunes Podcasts and at Sepp Salerno, a.k.a.: Blockhäuser has joined me for an interview on Satanic Story Time. In our interview, we talked about how he first found Satanism, the concept of his latest album, Erbsenmuster, cultural differences between Britons and Americans, when he first started recording music, and his musical inspirations. We also talked about his pursuit of ambient and other genres of music, briefly about political change, future aspirations, his pastimes and hobbies, and horror board games. Sepp explains where listeners can sample and purchase his music. Sepp has been gracious enough to lend us a sample of his music which is available at and immediately following our interview, we get to listen to the first three minutes of Erbsenmuster, Haunebu II, Panzerfäuste, and the entirety of the unnamed last track. Following Sepp Salerno’s tracks from his album, Erbsenmuster, we listen to old time radio “The War of the Worlds” which originally aired on CBS radio on October 30th 1938.

Lambert's Basement - Episode #100

Another reboot, but you may not want to miss the cliffhanger conclusion from last time.


Crikey! After last week's cliff-hanger the tension builds! How will Dave & Igor get out of their temporal predicament of crashing through time? Can the time-traveling twosome survive? Will Igor remember Dave's birthday?! Listen in to hear exactly how they manage to thwart warping the time streams, and then finally get Igor to meet Mr. Orson Welles! Albeit it's a short meeting but he's a busy man, especially on the night of October 30th 1938, as it was the broadcast of 'War of the Worlds' that caused minor panic and much press around the world……or was it? Tune in to Lambert's Basement this week to find out what "actually" happened that night!


Glenn Miller:

Moonlight Serenade

Elmer's Tune

Stairway to the Stars

Sweet Eloise


Benny Goodman:

Oh, Baby

Let the door-knob hit ya

The Huckle-Buck

Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It


Lionel Hampton:

Johnny Get Your Horn & Blow It

Stand By For Further Announcements

Anytime At All

If It's Good


The Ink Spots:

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

Java Jive

Who Wouldn't Love You?

We Three (My Echo, My Shadow, and Me)

 Lambert's Basement - Episode #100

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