Metal Invaders #127

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This episode of Metal Invaders, Citizen JNothing once again fills in for Lord GIMPenstein (personal reasons) and brings you the sounds of Disharmonic Orchestra, Obscura, Suffocation, Deathloch, Entrenched, Chthonic, Wrathsputin, Blacken Angel, Chapel of Disease, Absu, Sacrificial Slaughter, Abacinate, and finishing off with some Accursed Spawn.

The Metal Grotto #032


This month on The Metal Grotto, Citizen JNothing unleashes the following bands: iwrestledabearonce, Nile, Obscura, King Diamond, Obituary, Kruna, Morta Skuld, Lamb Of God, It Dies Today, Gory Blister, Gojira, Kraanium, Carnivore.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.1

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.1

"I have invented a time machine…"


Submitted bands start from the Bottom this week. We two drunken bums make an arse of things. But it's good, clean, wholesome bollocks. Running all the way….to the fridge, as beers were needed due to the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimeyness of the recent shows. It'll all come out in the wash. Listen in to hear the delightful drone from DEROGATORY, SLAUGHTERDAY, DISFIGUREMENT, MAN MUST DIE, WARMASTER, HELLMOUTH, WINDS OF GENOCIDE, ROMPEPROP, DEAD, EYECONOCLAST, F.K.U., PAGANIZER, WARBRINGER, BACKFIRE!, OBSCURA, AURA NOIR, JUNGLE ROT, VOIVOD and GWAR.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.1

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