Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.5

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"Just when you think this show is terrible…"


We know it's all been a bit wibbley-wobbley the past month or so, but things will be getting back to normal soon. Though maybe not this episode. We bring you another chunk of unsigned bunk with added critique of the bitter kind, and a few tracks selected by listeners. The fools! Exterminations, annihilations, and a distinct lack of commiserations. Business as almost usual then! Hear us give a tongue-lashing to: DAVIDIAN, FUNGUS INC, MURDER INTENTIONS, TIA ADAIR, PE-IAD, AFTER DUSK, ROTTING DECAY, PUNAHRANAH, SCULPTING ATROCITY, TORMENTED, BLACK BREATH, FUNERAL WHORE, SEPTIC FLESH, WYKKED WYTCH, PANZERCHRIST and BOLT THROWER. This week's Dedicated Booking showcase band are Danish winos CORPUS MORTALE, followed by some extra tracks by LIEUTENANT PIGEON, JOHN DENVER, HAZEL O'CONNOR, GLORIA GAYNOR and MURRAY GOLD.

  1. The Accusation Party - AP5: The War on Eugenics The Accusation Party
  2. Chaos Sedated #170 Chaos Sedated
  3. Vox Satanae #298 Vox Satanae
  4. Dark Voices #3 - The Satanic Witch Pt II Dark Voices
  5. Dark Whispers #16 Heresy Dark Whispers
  6. Clint Mephisto's Shit-Kickin' Road Show #173 Clint Mephisto's Shit-Kickin' Road Show
  7. Buzz Kill #7 Buzz Kill
  8. The Metro #342 The Metro
  9. Metal Breakfast Radio #37.3 Metal Breakfast Radio
  10. The Sanitarium #18 The Sanitarium
  12. The Devil's Mischief #567 The Devil's Mischief
  13. Metal Invaders #137 Metal Invaders
  14. Death Punk Radio #25 Death Punk Radio
  15. Confessions of a Wicked Witch #26 Confessions of a Wicked Witch