Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 35.1

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 35.1

“There you go, that’s for you…”

The times they are a-changing. Those were words sang by some smelly hippy back in the 1960’s, and they are relevant to us now. This is the last show recorded at the current MBR HQ - and we still don’t have new premises yet! What are we to do?!! Well, stay tuned to find out. As for this episode, it’s a delightful racket that goes swiftly downhill. Same as it ever was. First half is submitted tracks while the second is all chosen by Dave, but with Bob and Donovan in mind. Listen in to get: FERAL, AMPUTATED, SPELLBOUND, BLACK PESTILENCE, SOLANUM, DEHUMAN, GRAVEYARD SHIFTERS, DESECRATOR, GALLHAMMER, FREEZE, VENOM, NAILGUN MASSACRE, PUTRID OFFAL, BLOODFEAST, GRAVE, OBITUARY and BOLT THROWER.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 35.1

Episode 92 "Tales From The Cripplekeeper"

Metal Invaders - Hell on Wheels

This week, the CrippleKeeper (DJHeelonwheels alter ego) digs up a few tracks from Swedish Death Metal's past

Artists include: Tiamat, Grave,Edge of Sanity and more, delivered with an accent so cheesy, you'll need a grater to get through it

So  wander down the graveyard path for an hour and twelve minutes of rotting, stinking Swedish Death Metal!

Logo credit and thanks to Megan Feeney

  1. The Accusation Party - AP5: The War on Eugenics The Accusation Party
  2. Chaos Sedated #170 Chaos Sedated
  3. Vox Satanae #298 Vox Satanae
  4. Dark Voices #3 - The Satanic Witch Pt II Dark Voices
  5. Dark Whispers #16 Heresy Dark Whispers
  6. Clint Mephisto's Shit-Kickin' Road Show #173 Clint Mephisto's Shit-Kickin' Road Show
  7. Buzz Kill #7 Buzz Kill
  8. The Metro #342 The Metro
  9. Metal Breakfast Radio #37.3 Metal Breakfast Radio
  10. The Sanitarium #18 The Sanitarium
  12. The Devil's Mischief #567 The Devil's Mischief
  13. Metal Invaders #137 Metal Invaders
  14. Death Punk Radio #25 Death Punk Radio
  15. Confessions of a Wicked Witch #26 Confessions of a Wicked Witch