Death Punk Radio - Episode #29

On this special 3 Year Anniversary episode, M.D. Roche brings in the new year with another assortment of Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Post-Punk and Darkwave, featuring:

Siouxsie And The Banshees, Anasazi, Corpus Delicti, Pretentious Moi?, Tragic Black, Undying Legacy, Death Cult, Götterdämmerung, Lost Tribe, Horror Vacui, The Wake, Dead Souls Rising, and Switchblade Symphony.

Death Punk Radio - Episode #28

Halloween Party Mix 2016

M.D. Roche presents an hour of Goth, Post-Punk, Deathrock and Horror Punk for your Halloween partying needs (who cares if it's Monday?), featuring:

The Cramps, Antiworld, Bauhaus, 45 Grave, Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, Tones On Tail, Screaming Dead, Rudimentary Peni, Specimen, The Lords Of The New Church, Nosferatu, Joy Division, Alien Sex Fiend, Misfits, Scary Bitches, and The Damned.

Dark Whispers - Episode 021 - Dance Revolution

We have another randomizer episode for you this week. DJ Lyra discovered a couple of underground artists she wanted to spotlight and thought another randomizer was in order. The two underground artists featured are Autopsie d'Une Ombre - a coldwave artist based out of France - and PROGRAMYST - an instrumental EBM artist. Links to their work can be found below. This episode also features some great tunes by the likes of [X]-Rx, God Module, Phosgore, Krsytal System, Alien Vampires, and Psyclon 9.

Autopsie d'Une Ombre:



Dark Whispers - Episode 019 - Dark

On this episode, DJ Lyra is doing another theme: Dark. She focuses on four artists and pulls some of their darkest material. Lyra explains on the podcast that she has always  enjoyed songs in a minor tonality, and that is where we're going with this show; she finds beauty in the sadness of the songs. Don't worry, however, as she makes use of her remix deck to keep the beat going. The background music for this episode was written, recorded, and produced by Lyra and is titled "Sophismata". She would love to hear feedback on the episode and the background music.

Note regarding this episode's video: DJ Lyra is having technical issues with her cameras. Running three cameras simultaneously and loading up her remix deck in her DJ software is causing pops and clicks in the music because so much memory is being used. The same thing happens even without the remix deck. So, rather than sacrifice the quality of the music, the video for this episode is just the DJ console and DJ Lyra speaking during the break. She apologizes for this and is still looking for a solution.

Death Punk Radio - Episode #26

M.D. Roche presents another hour of Dark Punk/Post-Punk and Goth, featuring:

Element, The New Creatures, Like Wreckage, Texas Vamps, Under Two Flags, ADS, Peter Murphy, The Mob, Rebel Christening, The Laughing Mothers, Dividing Lines, New Math, and Zadera.

episode 26

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