Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.5

"…Merely pining for the fjords."


This week's sobering selection of rubbish kicks off with a track which sets the bar so high that all the other bands walk into it and crumple unconscious into oblivion. Then we Exterminate them. You'd think it would end up being a short show because of it, but we manage to entertain you long enough to make you want to tear your genitals off. Listen in to hear the gob-dropping wibbly-wobbliness of: 1000 SCARS, JARHEAD, INFECTING THE SWARM, SCREWROT, ABDICATED, ABOSRANIE BOGOM, NAPALM CHRIST, WHISPER OF DEATH, ALTAR OF PAIN, VILE, HARM'S WAY, EYETOFUK, CRETIN, PHOBIA, INSECT WARFARE, RED FANG, WATCHMAKER, DEATH BREATH, HUMAN MINCER and THE VILE.



On April 1st we record our 5 year anniversary show. We'd like to invite our valued listeners to send in MP3s (about a minute long) with a message, what you love and/or hate about the show, some witty insults, anything - be as creative as you like. Submissions should be in before March 31st 2013, but the sooner the better. Many thanks.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.5

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.0

"Revenge is a frozen meal for one."

Jill from Dead Beat Records sent through their recent compilation disc (thank you!) for us to promote in our own inimical style - even bad press is STILL press - so we present our views on the "Dead Beat Compilation Volume One"…and overall we were impressed! There was the odd Extermination here and there, but let's not dwell on those. Listen in, make up your own minds (or let us do it for you) and check out for more details. This week's gore corps consists of: FONDLECORPSE, RIBSPREADER, REVOLTING, OLTRETOMBA, LAVATORY, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, HUMILIATION, GOREGAST, BLOODY PHOENIX, DEADLY WEAPON, BYFROST, TRAP THEM, MITOCHONDRIAN, ZOMBIEKRIG, PULLING TEETH, MAGRUDERGRIND and lots and lots of BOLT THROWER.
Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.0

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 24.8

"Keep making the strange noises!"


It's about time we had an indulgent show, so here's one to fondle your fondant fancies. Joined by our mate Bob Thunder we give our own choices a spin this time, and what a most entertaining mess it turns out to be. The points system goes the way of the dinosaurs, Bob returns to his youth, Donovan is shocked by a few Exterminations, and Dave is bloody rubbish at Roman numerals (XI is 11, not 12. I know, so don't bleedin' write in about it!) Unblock your earholes to the following roustabouts: PIG DESTROYER, ODIUS MORTEM, BONESAW, DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY, WOLFSBRIGADE, STATUS QUO, DISFEAR, TOTAL TERROR, MANOWAR, ABORTED, HAVOK, ENFORCER, MAMMOTH VOLUME, TYRANT, VICTIMS, VALLENFYRE, ULTRA VOMIT, VOIVOD and BOLT THROWER.


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