Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.3

“Thou shalt not suffer a mutant to live…”

Returning with an all new episode, and this time it’s all about indulgence. The three moshketeers - Dave, Bob and Kent - all have a hand in (probably elbow deep) choosing tunes from their respective receptacles. Recorded well before Dave’s gig in Maryland, and starting out a few sheets to the wind, this one will have you quickly banging your head…on the table, in abject frustration at it’s rubbishness. Listen in and you’ll get your earholes mugged by HAIL OF BULLETS, DISTANT SUN, ARCH ENEMY, IMPLODE, MYTHIC, CANNIBAL FEROX, FRACTAL ENTROPY, HAIL OF BULLETS, CYTOTOXIN, DEMIRICOUS, CORPORATE DEATH, CAPITAL WASTELAND, ARTILLERY, DEATH and HAIL OF BULLETS. There’s a lot of it about.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.3

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.1

“You’ve awakened Scotland’s shame!”

This week’s show is brought to you by the letters Och, Bairn and the number Malky. It is also brought to you by our friend Calum, so feel free to blame him for any dire distress you may endure throughout this episode. Dave, Bob and Kent have to put up with it, and there was much rejoicing. Actually there was a lot of complaining, but that’s pretty much the norm for MBR. So turn on, tune in and get bluterred! On this epic episode you can toss your cabers and shag your haggis to BONESAW, DEATHHAMMER, GAMA BOMB, IRON LAMB, NEKROMANTHEON, SPEEDTRAP, AGENT STEEL, DEATH, BLACK SABBATH, GUTALAX, AURA NOIR, CHARGER, CRETIN, PENTAGRAM, RACER X, MANOWAR, GARY MOORE, and HAIL OF BULLETS.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.1

The Devil's Mischief #558

The Devil's Mischief #558

Just how crazy is that Creation Museum?  MARC MARON tells us the full story in his long, blasphemous 2011 personal anecdote.  Also stand-up from JONATHAN KATZ, and even a musical number by BILL M. himself.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 35.7

“Master! Master, we have a visitor!”

A very special episode this week! The lads from Terror Transmission, the greatest horror commentary podcast in the world, were invited to send in a playlist of their favourites - and they certainly stepped up to the task eloquenty. The music goes from strength to strength while Dave and Donovan go from coffee to beer, and therefore from daft to outright barmy. No Bob as he was unavailable, and he’ll be pissed that he lost out a such an epic episode. Tune in to Terror Transmission on Radio Free Satan and iTunes, see the details below. This week you get EXCITER, METAL CHURCH, KISS, DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK SABBATH, DEATH ANGEL, DEATH, IRON MAIDEN, MORTICIAN, CHILDREN OF BODOM, ACCEPT, GOD DETHRONED, SLAYER, MACABRE, GWAR, BLOODBATH and ECHELON.


TT on iTunes:


Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 35.7

Metal Invaders Episode 120

This week, DJ Hell On Wheels plays more lengthy tracks, along with bands that have never been played before, for just over an hour of music


1.  Morbid Angel  "Eyes to See...Ears to Hear"

2.  Entombed A. D. "Pandemic Rage"

3.  Disiplin "The One Who Makes You Crawl

4.  Decapitated "Winds Of Creation"

5.  Blaze Of Perdition "Towards The Blaze Of Perdition "

6.   Dark Funeral "My Funeral"

7.  Emperor  "An Elegy of Icaros"

8.  Death "Flesh And The Power It Holds"

9.  Iced Earth  "Damien"

10.  Cradle Of Filth  "Bathory Aria

The Devil's Mischief #514

Hear rare and unreleased stand-up from GILBERT GOTTFRIED!  Also EDDIE IZZARD, the sounds of FISHBONE, and even comedy from Radio Free Satan's very own MD ROCHE!

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