Metal Invaders, with guest host David Ingram.

Warlock David Ingram steps in to take the reins of Metal Invaders to help for a couple of shows. Listen in as he plays a selection of tracks from his archive and has a couple of cheeky pints along the way. This episode features Possessed, Raven, Anvil, Bulldozer, and a whole bunch more.

Metal Invaders, with guest host David Ingram.

Playlist for the show:

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Lambert's Basement - Episode #52

This week down in Lambert's Basement, Dave wants to take the show time-traveling through nostalgia. He waits until towards the end of the show so he and Igor can play plenty of Jazz favorites beforehand. Featuring Charlie Barnet, Tommy Mercer, Stan Kenton, Joe Loss and many more! So come join them in the Basement, but if you'd like to travel along please remember your time-sickness pills.


Duke Ellington - Flyin' Home

Starlighters & Harry James Orchestra - Don'cha go 'way mad

Charlie Barnet - Skyliner

Joe Loss Orchestra - In the mood

Ray Anthony Orchestra - Rockin' thru Dixie

Stan Kenton - Eager beaver

Nat King Cole with Pete Rugbold & Orchestra - Where were you?

Keely Smith & Nelson Riddle Orchestra - It's been a long, long time

Johnny Dankworth & Humphrey Littleton - Take the A train

Jack Parnell Orchestra - The Hawk talks

Tommy Mercer & the Ray Anthony Orchestra - Chatannooga choo choo

Jack Dorsey Orchestra - Peyton Place

Delia Derbyshire & Ron Grainer - Tardis (reprise) 1960's edition

The Ron Leaper Orchestra - High wire

Tony Hatch & his Orchestra - Man Alive

Derek Scott's Music - Hancock's tune

Tony Hatch & his Orchestra - The Champions

Ron Grainer - Old Ned (Steptoe & Son)

The Flee-Rekkers - Fireball XL5

The Laurie Johnson Orchestra - The Avengers

The Barry Gray Orchestra with Gary Miller - Stingray

The Barry Gray Orchestra - Joe 90

The Barry Gray Orchestra - Captain Scarlet

Murray Gold - The Doctor 2006

Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who 1970's edition

Lambert's Basement - Episode #52

Lambert's Basement - Episode #99

Unfortunately we bring one more repeat this week, due to David being incredibly busy at the moment. Apologies all round, folks.


Another episode of Lambert's Basement, and another week where Igor has his attention on his H.G.Wells book. Though this does give Dave an idea! Since the temporal twosome didn't celebrate Hallowe'en - AND it's soon Dave's birthday - the intrepid Ingram decides that next week there'll be a trip back to meet a different Welles. This one……Orson! Have you made the connection yet? Has the penny dropped? Will you listen right to the end this week? If not you'll miss out on high-fidelity versions of Benny Goodman, Les Brown, Billy May and…..ANOTHER CRASHING CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!! Hey, it's episode #100 next week, and you know how we like to have fun down in the Basement, right?


Benny Goodman & his Orchestra:

Stompin' At The Savoy

Let's Dance

Jumpin' At The Woodside

Sing, Sing, Sing


Les Brown & his Orchestra:

Leap Frog

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

I've Got My Love To Keep Me


Duke Ellington & his Orchestra:

Satin Doll

Harlem Air Shaft


Stan Kenton & his Orchestra:

Intermission Riff

The Peanut Vendor


Billy May & his Orchestra:

For Dancers Only

T'aint What You Do

Annie Laurie



Artie Shaw - Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise

Lambert's Basement - Episode #99

Lambert's Basement - Episode #174

Due to rescheduling and additional duties (which included a pay-rise) at David's day job it's been somewhat difficult to get down into the Basement to produce episodes of late, but here we are with a brand new one for this week. What a smooth scorcher it is, too! Enjoy the subtle sounds of jumping Jazz from David and Igor, down in the depths of Lambert's Basement.

Dave Brubeck:
Blue Moon
Heart and Soul
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
That Old Black Magic

Ted Lewis:
Sweetie Pie - 1934 (feat. The Royce Sisters)
Royal Garden Blues
Just Around The Corner

Woody Herman:
Woodchopper's Ball
Herman At The Sherman - Byefield Stomp

Charlie Christian:
Flying Home
Seven Come Eleven (Roast Turkey Stomp)

Sarah Vaughan:
Nice Work If You Can Get It
They Can't Take That Away From Me
How High The Moon

Kordt Sisters:
George Gershwin Kavalkade
Some Of These Days
Georgia On My Mind
Sweet Sue
Lambert's Basement - Episode #174

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.4

"What two words?!!"


Not only are we playing some chunderground bands that have been sent through by a plethora of new submitters this week….but DAVID IS ON THE WAGON!! Yes, you read that right. Donovan isn't, so expect the same old rubbish out of him. With an excessive intake of coffee, David goes on and on with more rabbit than Sainsburys. Donovan has trouble keeping up so he raises two fingers and several ales. It's the usual rubbish....only faster! On this week's show you'll get to hear SABIENDAS, EVIL SHEPHERD, MASSDISTRACTION, ELECTRIC HELLRIDE, INFECTED FLESH, NERVOCHAOS, OVERTORTURE, MALIGNANCY, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, RIGOR MORTIS, ERUPTION, SUPPURATION, MAIM, SADISTIC INTENT, PRIMATE, VENOM, GHOUL and MINISTRY.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 25.4

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