Confessions of a Wicked Witch #028

Confessions of a Wicked Witch

What is a Wicked Witch to make of this 2016 U.S. presidential election? Hear the full confession, from personal views to official views. Also join Magistra Ygraine in an extra special curse to be thrown on October 30th. Listen for details! Plus, introducing a new regular segment of "Random Confessions".


Satanic Story Time - Episode 27 – “The Judas Clock”

The Judas ClockSatanic Story Time presents episode 27 – “The Judas Clock” from Inner Sanctum Mystery. The Devil’s Tuning Fork: I play a track from Ghost from their album, Infestissumam entitled, “The Monstrance Clock”. The Devil’s Workshop: We join our protagonist, Sebastian Packer, expert clock maker with a blood-tainted history. The mysterious “Judas Clock” has caused him tragedy and misfortune ever since it washed up on the shore and arrived in his father’s clock making shop in London almost 30 years ago. From the time he first laid his eyes on it, his father told him, “It’s an evil clock son, evil as Satan himself!” His father was crushed under the heavy weight of the evil clock and Sebastian has been on a thirty year hunt to thwart the curse of “The Judas Clock” and to find the man who was behind the murder that correlated with the mysterious appearance and disappearance of “The Judas Clock”. A woman walks into the clock making shop that he now owns and asks him to repair a black, marble clock that is estimated to weigh more than 500 pounds. She also says that it depicts a religious scene with a man hanging from a tree. Could this be the accursed clock, “The Judas Clock”? And if it is, can Sebastian end the curse that has outlived his own life by more than several centuries? The Devil Is In the Details: We dive headlong into the story, “The Judas Clock”, written by Christopher Mayo for The Inner Sanctum Mystery and comb over the grim details surrounding the story of “The Judas Clock”. Mail Bats: I read fan mail from two of our listeners and answer questions as they come in.

Confessions of a Wicked Witch #11

Confessions of a Wicked Witch

The show now begins a bi-monthly format, with new episodes to be released at the start and 15th of each month. And the wicked witch wants to hear from you: who would you like to see cursed?  Also, Magistra Ygraine's daughter joins the wicked witch on discussions addressing animal cruelty (with a curse on poachers), dispelling the Christian notion of morality monopoly, morality in the animal kingdom, family vacations, Casey Anthony, and the zoo debate.

Confessions of a Wicked Witch #9

Confessions of a Wicked Witch

Nine is the number of the episode, and the number of Satanic Sins!  Hear the Wicked Witch give a detailed elucidation of the Nine Satanic Sins.  Magistra Ygraine also asks: Why are animals so much better than people?  Plus confessions on family, aging, experience, the frighteningly turning into one's parents, and an even more frightening collective curse on certain Satanaflipperoos who've earned it.

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