Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.1

"I have invented a time machine…"


Submitted bands start from the Bottom this week. We two drunken bums make an arse of things. But it's good, clean, wholesome bollocks. Running all the way….to the fridge, as beers were needed due to the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimeyness of the recent shows. It'll all come out in the wash. Listen in to hear the delightful drone from DEROGATORY, SLAUGHTERDAY, DISFIGUREMENT, MAN MUST DIE, WARMASTER, HELLMOUTH, WINDS OF GENOCIDE, ROMPEPROP, DEAD, EYECONOCLAST, F.K.U., PAGANIZER, WARBRINGER, BACKFIRE!, OBSCURA, AURA NOIR, JUNGLE ROT, VOIVOD and GWAR.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.1

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 10.9

"Ah, shaddap!"


*Oh, dear. **Oh dear, oh dear. It's a right bucket of ***cobblers this week. Another look back due to us being so bloody busy, and we feel the need to ****apologize for this one. If, like us, you hate Black Metal then you're going to love listening to this. It's real Panda-monium as we give it a spin and hate it with a vengeance. We've absolutely NO idea who all these *****bands are this week, and we could care less, but take it from us…they're all ******FRUBBISH. You can also expect mentions of possibly null & void shows/events, and maybe the odd, out of date advertisement. We're sure you won't mind and we're certain we don't give a toss.


*Oh, crap.

**Oh, shit.


****not give a shit


******F@cking rubbish.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 10.9

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 22.2

Ooooh, let's get away from this racket…


If you think the past few shows have been a total 'Blubbuth' (that's "bloodbath" when not quite so sober) then this one will not fail to disappoint. More bands submit their shortcomings and we pull them out, chop them off, and throw them in a basket. It's a wonder our Exterminate button doesn't ask for a raise. True or False? Yes. Just yes.

On this week's double-dollop of dog dirt you get to laugh yourselves into apoplexy at FABRICANT, ADVENT OF BEDLAM, MARAUDER, DERIDE, CATAMENIA, 69 CHAMBERS, MURDEROUS INSTINCT, BIRTH OF DEPRAVITY, EREVOS, DESULTOR, PRONG, SUHRIM, BROKEN BONES, COCK AND BALL TORTURE, SPAWN OF POSSESSION, IMMOLATION, VADER, DEHYDRATED GOAT and this week's Dedicated Booking band, professional beer drinkers and wallet-watching wankers CORPUS MORTALE (good mates of ours actually, hence the ribbing) along with this week's crowned winner played again. Yes…there was one.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.8

Careful! You'll have someone's eye out with that!


This episode's mayhem and merriment includes our good friend Bob Thunder, since we're celebrating the fact that the show was recorded on Donovan's actual birthday week. Which has lasted about 8! He chooses all but one of the bands, so it's pretty much at his indulgence. And just WHAT did we say about Metallica??? Listen in to hear BOLT THROWER, BLACK BREATH, DEATHFIST, MASSIVE ASSAULT, ABORTED, DISCHARGE, POST MORTEM, ENTRAILS, MISERY INDEX, VILE, RIGOR MORTIS, THE ACCUSED, HOLY TERROR, DEFLESHED and this week's Dedicated Booking showcase band: BULLETSIZE.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.7

"Ladies and Gentlemen……we got him!"


The show starts off on a good note, but soon goes down hill due to the mediocre quality of the submitted tracks. It's really not until the second half, when the classics rear their fugly heads, that things start being a lot less rubbish. But not to worry, it's equally as funny as it always isn't. At least we thought it was, but that may have been because beer was involved. In the meantime, you'll hear on the show this week: ESCARNIUM, SIN OF GOD, CADAVER DISPOSAL, HUMANITY FALLS, ENDEMICY, UTOPIUM, LIFEDECEIVER, GONE POSTAL, REVILERS, LOGIC OF DENIAL, RAZOR, DISCHARGE, VENOM, STRANGLER, VOIVOD, BOLT THROWER, CARO (who are this week's Dedicated Booking showcase band) and finally ASPIRIN HAMMER.

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