Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.2

“Your species is on the precipice…”

Since new shows have been every 2 weeks (a temporary measure) then there’s a plethora of submitted tracks piling up in the MBR archive. Therefore Dave, Bob and Kent dedicate an entire show to filtering the funk from the junk…with a couple of extra goodies thrown in to keep Dave on his toes. Some drinks were imbibed so it all gets a tad wet by the end. There’s also a guest appearance by Clara the dog who tries to destroy the recording equipment. Everyone’s a critic. Listen in (if you dare) if you’re a member of: CONFLICTED, RIPPER, SIX REASONS TO KILL, MURDER MADE GOD, CASKET ROBBERY, SURTUR, THROES, WARKULT, PROCREATION, MEFISTO, FOUL BODY AUTOPSY, RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH, NORHOD, SUBLIME EYES, EXCRUCIATION, BROKEN TEETH, TKO/THE RODS, IRON JAWED GURU and HAIL OF BULLETS.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.2

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.1

“You’ve awakened Scotland’s shame!”

This week’s show is brought to you by the letters Och, Bairn and the number Malky. It is also brought to you by our friend Calum, so feel free to blame him for any dire distress you may endure throughout this episode. Dave, Bob and Kent have to put up with it, and there was much rejoicing. Actually there was a lot of complaining, but that’s pretty much the norm for MBR. So turn on, tune in and get bluterred! On this epic episode you can toss your cabers and shag your haggis to BONESAW, DEATHHAMMER, GAMA BOMB, IRON LAMB, NEKROMANTHEON, SPEEDTRAP, AGENT STEEL, DEATH, BLACK SABBATH, GUTALAX, AURA NOIR, CHARGER, CRETIN, PENTAGRAM, RACER X, MANOWAR, GARY MOORE, and HAIL OF BULLETS.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.1

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.7

“…there could be serious consequences for his…”

We’re still on our 80’s metal kick this week, though the sad news is that we are without the Thunderous one. Unfortunately, due to a mix up with an electric juicer and a set of Martini glasses, Bob fails to receive the message that we’re recording a show. Man down! Dave and Donovan continue to bring on the rubbishness - and more complaints from the American - and we get through a Helluva lot this week, including the premier of one of the new Down Among The Dead Men songs. Turn on, tune in, bugger off! You can hear MOTORHEAD, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, G.B.H., DIE KREUZEN, MUNICIPAL WASTE, SACRILEGE BC, RIGOR MORTIS, VOIVOD, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, DISCHARGE, HOLY TERROR, ADRENALIN OD, CRUMBSUCKERS, VENOM, FEAR, SLAYER, CHAOS UK, BOLT THROWER, THOR, REST IN PAIN, ANTHRAX, DESTRUCTION and ONSLAUGHT.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.7

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.4


"…this is like the immaculate conception. Only without the conception."




Cor blimey! Another corker of a show, if we say so ourselves! Bands submit music, we give it a spin, vomit forth our opinions, then decide whether it's venerated or Exterminated. Usually the latter, as our tolerance levels are low. With a few flassics and the odd surprise on the second half, this episode is brilliant and a bloody good laugh.


But we would say that, wouldn't we?




Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.3

"You're liable to wake up Old Nick himself going that deep!"


Blimey, what a show this was! Not only was it filled with hilarious wit, there wasn't a single Extermination whatsoever. A good time was had by all - even the bands. A lot of whom scored quite highly, regardless of some very silly names. The ale was chilled, the dance was interpretive, and Dave stood on Donovan's head. This week we bring you: ENGORGEMENT, DIRE NECRO CERBERUS, ZACHLAPANY SZCZYPIOR (we shit you not), COMATOSE, MALDAGUNS, CULTFINDER, ROMPEPROP, (we shit you not, again), INVIDIOSUS, RESURGENCY, EMPTY THE THRONE (they shit, we flushed), PROTECTOR, ENGLISH DOGS, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, PRONG, CHAOS INCEPTION, DENIAL FIEND, RAZOR, RIGOR MORTIS and INIQUITY.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.1

Let's see if I can get the data file correct this week, eh folks?

Oh no, I haven't got to listen to all that rubbish have I…?

They say laughter is infectious. If that's the case then we're totally sterile.

THIS week's show was recorded on January 24th 2012, the day before Dave's 43rd birthday, so he gets to choose the rubbish for that gets played. Both he and Donovan are joined by Bob Thunder, an old guy who was once adapted as a stage play, for an evening of delightfully witty conversation and the appreciation of metallic melodies. What a complete load of utter cobblers. Featuring: PUNGENT STENCH, LOST SOUL, DISCHARGE, LINK WRAY & HIS MEN, CANNIBAL CORPSE, POSSESSED, THE CRAMPS (almost), CELTIC FROST, GRAMIE DEE, THE ART-ATTACKS, BLOOD MONEY (sort of), KING'S X, BULLDOZER, DAIKAIJU, VADER, ONSLAUGHT, BOLT THROWER, BLODARV and DUKE ELLINGTON.

Metal Breakfast Radio: An enigma, wrapped in a mystery, rolled in a tortilla.

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