Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 38.6

“What are you, an idiot?”

The boys are back in town! Well, maybe not town, but in Dave’s lair and drinking copious amounts of frothy ale sent in by Huw Morgan - Thanks, mate! Bob and Kent return, while Dave brings a bit of extra nepotism to the proceedings. There’s a tribute to the late Rick Parfitt of Status Quo, and during the show they learn of the sad death of Sir John Hurt. Long, productive lives to be celebrated, and the boys do it in style. On this you can hear BESTIAL DEFORM, PREVAIL, ETERTUS, GOD ENSLAVEMENT, NECROSPHERE, STATUS QUO, URSINNE, CELTIC FROST, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, THE DAMNED, ECHELON, CLOWN ALLEY, HELLHAMMER, GATH and MEMORIAM.

Metal Invaders #132

This episode of Metal Invaders is brought to you by Citizen JNothing, and he continues his songs about depression with the following bands: Belladonna, Queensryche, Anthrax, Stone Sour, Celtic Frost, GZR, Carnivore, Methodical, Pantera, Alice In Chains, Suicidal Tendencies, A Pale Horse Named Death, WASP, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, and fisnishes up with Type O Negative again.

Metal Invaders #126 - The Anti-Ex-Wife Episode


This episode of Metal Invaders, Citizen JNoting is back with songs dedicated to the "ex". All songs are geared towards the hate and anger you may feel for an Ex. The bands include: Pantera, Machine Head, Mudvayne, Devildriver, Murderdolls, Overkill, The Haunted, Chromium, Megadeth, Celtic Frost, Metallica, Body Count, Hot Buttered Anal, Godsmack, and finishing up with one of Type O Negative's best songs (in Citizen JNothing's opinion).

The Metro #320


This week on The Metro, Citizen JNothing brings his tribute to David Bowie featuring several artists who have been influenced and/or covered the master chameleon with music and stage image. Artists featured during this tribute are: David Bowie (of course), Boy George, Tin Machine, Queen, The Quintessentials, Mick Jagger, Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, Infectious Grooves, Nirvana, Atrocity, Celtic Frost, Def Leppard, Helloween, Peter Schilling. David Bowie will live forever with all the cross genre music he produced. R.I.P. David Bowie

Metal Invaders, Episode 113

This week, Dj Hell On Wheels plays another set comprised of mostly all new artists

Setlist in order

1.  Haunt "The Tartarean"

2.  Asphyxiator "Hallucinogenic Cadaver Autopsy"

3.   William Wolfe's Brimstone Fist "Black Metal Satan"

4.   Cynic "Evolutionary Sleeper"

5.  Thorn Fetish "He Who Lurks Beneath The Waves"

6.  Hellhammer  "Satanic Rites"

7.  Celtic Frost "Ain Alohim"

8.  Triptykon "Tree Of Suffocating Souls"

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 33.8

“You don’t like the show?”

It’s Dave’s birthday episode so he chooses the rubbish this week, keeping both Bob and Donovan in mind of course. They even contribute a couple of songs themselves. The beers flow, the puns are cringeworthy, and the laughs are a-plenty. The music, on the other hand, is a mixed bag of classics, disappointing new albums, and a couple possibly different enough to piss you listeners off. Intrigued? Then listen in, and don’t forget to donate to us via PayPal - - so we can have a beer! On this you’ll hear: CELTIC FROST, JOHANSSON AND SPECKMANN, TRIBULATION, MISSING LINK, THE DEAD GOATS, TRANSCENDENTAL, BERT CONVEY, RAMMING SPEED, JUST BEFORE DAWN, SEXCREMENT, THE DAMNED, TOKYO BLADE, CEMETARY FILTH, UNLEASHED, BLOODBATH, PAGANIZER, ANVIL, DISCHARGE and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 33.8

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