Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.5

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.5

“Is anyone here a Doctor?”

This brand spanking new episode starts well but it all soon goes south due to the imbibing of some seriously bloody awful booze. Its whiskey-a-NO-NO! Dave, Bob and Kent bring an indulgent show, and the beer doesn’t help…though their choices of music are mostly top notch. The second half sees them so drunk they can’t read the playlist correctly. Abandoning the match due to foul play, it leaves Dave alone to take over. There’s a preview of the new Echelon album “The Brimstone Aggrandizement” and some other rubbish to replete your resolve. On this you get CARCASS, VANIR, HAIL OF BULLETS, PAGANIZER, DISTANT SUN, ACE FREHLEY, ABBATOIR, KRABATHOR, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, BODYFARM MANOWAR, MOTORHEAD, DECAPITATED, THOR, APOLLYON’S SUN, ECHELON, VENOM, and CARDIACS.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.5

Metal Invaders 106 "Back From The Dead

Metal Invaders - Hell on Wheels

This week, Dj Hell On Wheels Returns after a lengthy absence, with songs related to life and death, as well as surgery and triumph

The setlist this week is as follows

1.King Diamond  From the Other Side

2. Rob Halford  Made in Hell

3. Twisted Sister Under The Blade

4. Gwar Love Surgery

5. Carcass 316l Grade Surgical Steel

6. Cryptopsy Open Face Surgery

7. Cannibal Corpse Rancid Amputation

8.  Mayhem Chainsaw Gutsfuck (live)

9.  Type O Negative Life Is Killing Me

10.  Tryptikon Shatter

11.   One Hell Of A  Christmas Up On The Housetop

12.  Manowar Battle Hymn

Episode 94 "Back With a vengeance"

Metal Invaders - Hell on Wheels

DjHellonwheels returns this week with 90 minutes worth of extreme metal. including tracks from the new releases by Vader and Mayhem, along with some grindcore by Napalm Death and latter period Carcass.

Due to the delay, this show is just over 90 minutes long to make up for the wait

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.6

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.6

"Have a drink with us?"


On this show it's still 2013. How's that for wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey? Plenty of submissions, choices from us both, several beers, some explanations on why there'll be the odd repeat on the way, some more beers, a couple of Exterminations, more beer, Dave's new band, and rubbish. With several laughs, some choice insults and witty banter, it all becomes an entertaining show. As rare as rocking-horse shit. Listen in for the lilting laciviousness of OMNIVORE, FLESH EATER, INCARCERATION, ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY, LASSIE THE CAT, EX DEMENTIA, HAEMOPHAGUS, FISTHAMMER, DUST 'N BRUSH, AMON, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, DIMENSION ZERO, HOUR OF PENANCE, PAGANIZER, HACKNEYED, KINGDOM OF SORROW, CARCASS, MISERY INDEX, TORTURE DIVISION and BOLT THROWER.Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 29.6

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