Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 22.3

How does one summon the drinks wallah do you suppose?


It's a right ol' trip down memory lane this week. At least for Dave it is. Donovan is almost stunned into silence as the show is joined by good friend Bob Thunder once again. Even though he's a bit light in the loafers now, he brings some heavy music along. 'Heavy' as in 'Metal' - taking us on a nostalgic trip through both his old and current record collection. With a couple of surprises, some curly shoes, and yet another pop at Metallica, a frollickingly fun time is had by all. This week's bishop-rubbing bands are: SAVATAGE, PANZERCHRIST, SKULLFIST, GRAVE, VOIVOD, ANGEL WITCH, RAGE, REGURGITATOR, RAM, FUCK THE FACTS, THE LIZARDS, MYRATH, DEVIL'S TRAIN, BLACK RAINBOWS, MELECHESH, MINCING FURY & GUTTERAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY and this week's Dedicated Booking showcase band IRON FIRE which, coincidentally, features guest vocals by one Dave Ingram.

Nepotism, anyone?

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 22.1

Mr Donovan…is this some kind of a jest, sir?

Back with putting chunderground bands under scrutiny…and in some cases under the guillotine for Extermination. With a lot of cool classics from our archive, there's plenty to pontificate over - and sometimes complain about - but the beer flowed like wine.

So did the wine.

Including 'scratch and sniff records', and Dave refusing said wine while Donovan doesn't…which leads to confusion over the night's winner.

We also ought to apologize to the good people of Oklahoma. A good time was had by all.

We think.


Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.9

That sound knackered my ears, didn't it?


Bloodbath…that's what this week's show is. Though there is a winner, believe it or not. In the 2nd half there's 3 tracks sent in by 3 friends of the show and a bunch chosen by Donovan. Dave was too disgusted (read: pished) by this time to want to choose anything.

Listen in this week to hear the stomach-turning cobblers of: EYE BEYOND SIGHT, SEVEN ENDS, ZERO DEGREE, VOMITFICATION, PARTY CANNON, ISHTAR GATE, DIRENECRO CERBERUS, DEADBORN, PRIMAL ORDER, THE LAMP OF THOTH, FUNERAL WHORE, AEON, SPEEDWOLF, MISERY INDEX, ENGLISH DOGS, BLACK BREATH, VADER and this week's Dedicated Booking band CLOCKWORK PROTOCOL plus TWO tracks by this week's crowned winners. Want to find out who won? Then tune in, dopey.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.8

Careful! You'll have someone's eye out with that!


This episode's mayhem and merriment includes our good friend Bob Thunder, since we're celebrating the fact that the show was recorded on Donovan's actual birthday week. Which has lasted about 8! He chooses all but one of the bands, so it's pretty much at his indulgence. And just WHAT did we say about Metallica??? Listen in to hear BOLT THROWER, BLACK BREATH, DEATHFIST, MASSIVE ASSAULT, ABORTED, DISCHARGE, POST MORTEM, ENTRAILS, MISERY INDEX, VILE, RIGOR MORTIS, THE ACCUSED, HOLY TERROR, DEFLESHED and this week's Dedicated Booking showcase band: BULLETSIZE.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.7

"Ladies and Gentlemen……we got him!"


The show starts off on a good note, but soon goes down hill due to the mediocre quality of the submitted tracks. It's really not until the second half, when the classics rear their fugly heads, that things start being a lot less rubbish. But not to worry, it's equally as funny as it always isn't. At least we thought it was, but that may have been because beer was involved. In the meantime, you'll hear on the show this week: ESCARNIUM, SIN OF GOD, CADAVER DISPOSAL, HUMANITY FALLS, ENDEMICY, UTOPIUM, LIFEDECEIVER, GONE POSTAL, REVILERS, LOGIC OF DENIAL, RAZOR, DISCHARGE, VENOM, STRANGLER, VOIVOD, BOLT THROWER, CARO (who are this week's Dedicated Booking showcase band) and finally ASPIRIN HAMMER.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.5

"Just when you think this show is terrible…"


We know it's all been a bit wibbley-wobbley the past month or so, but things will be getting back to normal soon. Though maybe not this episode. We bring you another chunk of unsigned bunk with added critique of the bitter kind, and a few tracks selected by listeners. The fools! Exterminations, annihilations, and a distinct lack of commiserations. Business as almost usual then! Hear us give a tongue-lashing to: DAVIDIAN, FUNGUS INC, MURDER INTENTIONS, TIA ADAIR, PE-IAD, AFTER DUSK, ROTTING DECAY, PUNAHRANAH, SCULPTING ATROCITY, TORMENTED, BLACK BREATH, FUNERAL WHORE, SEPTIC FLESH, WYKKED WYTCH, PANZERCHRIST and BOLT THROWER. This week's Dedicated Booking showcase band are Danish winos CORPUS MORTALE, followed by some extra tracks by LIEUTENANT PIGEON, JOHN DENVER, HAZEL O'CONNOR, GLORIA GAYNOR and MURRAY GOLD.

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