The Devil's Mischief #500

The Devil's Mischief #500

The Devil's Mischief presents episode #500! With the podcast's past 11 years of Carnal Comedy and Netherworld Novelty, Reverend Bill M. explores the question: what are today's sacred cows? What would a true "Black Mass" of today entail? Hear an hour of choice sacred cow cutting that's not for the easily offended.

The Devil's Mischief #500

DTR - Episode III (24, December)

DTR Featured

I. Selected Reading - The Happy Life: 'Letter to Menoeceus' by Epicurus

II. The Silver Screen - "Eyes Wide Shut"

III. News & Forbidden Topics - "National-Socialism And The Christian Religion"



1) Lon Chaney Jr. -  Monster's Holiday (Bobby "Boris" Pickett cover)

2) Of The Wand And The Moon - Winter Solstice

3) Burzum - Der Tod Wuotans

4) Wardruna - Hagal

5) Vindensång - Fading Light

6) Blood Axis - Lord of Ages

7) Sorrow (w/Rose McDowell) - The Final Solstice

8) Sorrow (w/Rose McDowell) - Under the Yew Possessed

9) Argentum - Runa

10) Darkwood - Roggenfelder

11) Orplid - Winternacht

12) Von Thronstahl - Heimaterde, Mutterboden, Vaterland

13) Darkwood - Winter

DTR - Episode II (26, November)

DTR Featured

I. Selected Reading - Aphorisms from Nietzsche's "Beyond Good and Evil"
II. The Silver Screen - "The Seven Year Itch"
III. News & Forbidden Topics - Eugenics: The Key To A Brighter Future.

Christopher Lee - Serenade (from Charles Gounod's famous opera Faust)
Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Frankie Laine - Miss Satan
Harvest Rain - Thuletide

DTR - Episode I (29 October)

DTR Featured

I. Selected Reading - H.P. Lovecraft's "The Evil Clergyman"
II. The Silver Screen - "The Devil's Hand"
III. News & Forbidden Topics - Rasputin: A Natural Born Sorcerer?


Gaylord Carter - Grim Grinning Ghosts (composed by Buddy Baker)
The Radiacs - She's My Witch
Donovan - Season of the Witch
Anton Szandor LaVey - If You Were The Only Girl (Nat D. Ayer cover)

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