Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 24.8

"Keep making the strange noises!"


It's about time we had an indulgent show, so here's one to fondle your fondant fancies. Joined by our mate Bob Thunder we give our own choices a spin this time, and what a most entertaining mess it turns out to be. The points system goes the way of the dinosaurs, Bob returns to his youth, Donovan is shocked by a few Exterminations, and Dave is bloody rubbish at Roman numerals (XI is 11, not 12. I know, so don't bleedin' write in about it!) Unblock your earholes to the following roustabouts: PIG DESTROYER, ODIUS MORTEM, BONESAW, DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY, WOLFSBRIGADE, STATUS QUO, DISFEAR, TOTAL TERROR, MANOWAR, ABORTED, HAVOK, ENFORCER, MAMMOTH VOLUME, TYRANT, VICTIMS, VALLENFYRE, ULTRA VOMIT, VOIVOD and BOLT THROWER.


Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 24.7

"Not only that, George…they're women!"

Cor blimey! This episode has a slightly annoying start, a very annoying new background ambience that we may or may not use again, multiple annoying selections from Donovan, and the annoying habit of changing lyrical horses midstream in a song. There's still the submitted rubbish from bands, and the rather rubbish commentary. Overall….bloody annoying rubbish. But. if you dare to listen in, you'll hear: RETALIATORY MEASURES, CREATE RAPID MASSACRE, KAOTIK, COLDWORKER, SAYYADINA, TRIBULATION, NIGH, RINGWORM, EXECRATION, EYETOFUK, DESULTORY, SCISSORFIGHT, THE KOLONY, DISGUST, BLOOD RED THRONE, VALLENFYRE, and CARNIVORE.


Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.8





Put on an adult diaper, grab your reading glasses, and ramp up your hearing aid! This week we are joined by our OLD mate Bob Thunder. He chips in with the critiquery (a new word we just invented) of submitted bands, and rubs our bishops with some choices of his own. Crack your arthritic joints in time to: INSET, SOLACE AND STABLE, SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT, DISINTEGRATE, INFERION, WITHDRAWAL, SILENCER, PUTRIFIED, WRITHING, WARLOCK, NOCTURNUS, BRAVE THE MOMENT, NILE, NAILS, GUMO MANIACS, MINCING FURY, INIQUITY and BONESAW.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.7


"…let's just hope it's good for the skin."




Duplicating another dose of dopey deafness, Dave and Donovan dish out a definitely daft yet deceptive Death Metal detonation. Much to everyones detriment. Unrestrained, uncensored and in one instance…unplugged! Bend over and prepare to be alliterated by CHTON, OBSCENITY, ACEPHALIX, CRANIECTOMY, REVOLTING, IN DEMISE, REQUITAL, AD PATRES, DRAG THE DEAD, BOLT THROWER, CRYPTOPSY, CHAOS INCEPTION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, WYKKED WYTCH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, INIQUITY, MURRAY GOLD and THE BUGGLES Featuring TOM BAKER (What?!!)



Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.6

"How dare you fart before the King!"


Donovan's not there on this one. Neither is Dave…as he's in merry England, which is where this show is recorded. Joining him this week is his brother Matt for yet another self-indulgent bounty of skullduggery. Beers flowed well but only up to a point where it gets a bit wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, and then the Ingram brothers switch to coffee. Confused? Then listen in. On this show you can hear the tenacious cacophony of BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL, OUTCAST, CANCEROUS WOMB, KRAANIUM, AVANGER, ADRENALIN O.D., THE ACCUSED, AMEBIX, BUDGIE, DISMEMBER, CRUMBSUCKERS, EMPEROR, DEAD KENNEDYS, GWAR, HEINNOUS KILLINGS, LOST SOUL and VADER.

No Pikeys were harmed in the recording of this show.


Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.5

"This is the best radio show I've listened to in years…"


Indulgence. Sheer self-indulgence. That's the name of the game this week, along with a few badger-related ales, and we at MBR bring a batch of beauties to brutally bounce your buttocks back to bloody-minded basics. Now THAT's alliteration! On this one you can hear: BOLT THROWER, DEMIRICOUS, ASPHYX, DISCHARGE, SEXCREMENT, THE ACCUSED, SLUGATHOR, G.B.H., ISHITROBOTS, RAZOR, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, MISERY INDEX, GOREFEST, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, VADER and INIQUITY.

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