Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 27.3

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 27.3

"Mushroom, mushroom!"


Getting a bit badgery on this week's episode. Which is nice. Also there's a selection of submitted sonics to scintillate your senses, and we exercise the Exterminate button with extreme exactness. Donovan brings tracks to the table in the second half, with just only one from David. Yet fun was had by all. Especially the badgers. Listen in to hear TIME TO KILL, DIGOXIN, BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS, SPHERON, BURIAL VAULT, I KILLED EVERYONE, OCELLUS, FAITHXTRACTOR, POSTERITY, DISINTERRED, C.A.R.N.E., DEATH BREATH, YELLOWTOOTH, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, FURIOUS STYLES, DOOMRIDERS, RAZOR, RIGOR MORTIS and DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 27.3

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 22.9

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"Right then. Let's get going….do we have to?"


Joined this week by our BFF Bob "It's not the lightning that kills you, it's the gay-ass name" Thunder, and we split the indulgence three ways. It's not as bad as you think, either. Plenty of rubbish to satisfy any nut-jobs out there, a couple of surprises and a whole lotta laughs. Beer was involved too. As well as Badgers. The following bands get stitched up: DEATH ANGEL, ASPHYX, CLOWN ALLEY, BRING ME THE HORIZON, AUTOPSY, GLITTER DICK, CLUB HELL, MOBILE DEATHCAMP, NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, DICTATORS, SEANCE, MANOWAR, FUCK THE FACTS, CORONER, CELTIC FROST, CARDIACS and BOLT THROWER.

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