Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 31.7

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 31.7

“I’ve never seen such powerful equipment.”

Dave is alone on this one, as this show was recorded a short while ago when Donovan couldn’t make it. It’s a trip back through a lot of his old vinyl, so it gets a bit nostalgic - even if Dave’s vinyl ripping technique isn’t 100% correct in places. There’s the odd dedication thrown in, plenty of Heavy Metal, anecdotes and stories, and with a lot to get through there’s limited chat. Pull up a comfy chair and let your hair down. You’ll hear BULLDOZER, CHARIOT, TOKYO BLADE, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, THIN LIZZY, GARY MOORE, BLACK SABBATH, AUTOGRAPH, FAITH NO MORE, AC/DC, ANVIL, SPIDER, TWISTED SISTER, RAVEN, THE CLASH, SAXON, FASTWAY, VAN HALEN, RUSH, SAVATAGE, LED ZEPPELIN, BUDGIE, VADER, METALLICA and BAD NEWS.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 31.7

The Devil's Mischief #502

The Devil's Mischief Featured iTunes

Hear some vintage 1960s comedy of RODNEY DANGERFIELD, in the years well before discovered his true "No Respect" character. Also one of Bill's pet peeves gets gleefully ridiculed by GEORGE CARLIN, Irish stand-up ED BYRNE (finally making his TDM debut), and the novelty of RACHAEL HURWITS. Plus a quick tribute to the late RIK MAYALL of "Young Ones" and "Bad News" fame.

ed byrne

The Return of the Green Monkey!

Devil's Mischief Featured

Reverend Bill M. takes a look back at episode #200 of The Devil's Mischief, otherwise known as "The Green Monkey" episode.  Originally aired in 2007, this hour included some of the best tracks from many special theme episodes in the Devil's Mischief's early years.  Also included is a special telling by Reverend Bill himself of arguably the world's strangest and longest joke, known as the Green Monkey joke.

  1. The Accusation Party - AP5: The War on Eugenics The Accusation Party
  2. Chaos Sedated #170 Chaos Sedated
  3. Vox Satanae #298 Vox Satanae
  4. Dark Voices #3 - The Satanic Witch Pt II Dark Voices
  5. Dark Whispers #16 Heresy Dark Whispers
  6. Clint Mephisto's Shit-Kickin' Road Show #173 Clint Mephisto's Shit-Kickin' Road Show
  7. Buzz Kill #7 Buzz Kill
  8. The Metro #342 The Metro
  9. Metal Breakfast Radio #37.3 Metal Breakfast Radio
  10. The Sanitarium #18 The Sanitarium
  12. The Devil's Mischief #567 The Devil's Mischief
  13. Metal Invaders #137 Metal Invaders
  14. Death Punk Radio #25 Death Punk Radio
  15. Confessions of a Wicked Witch #26 Confessions of a Wicked Witch