Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 35.9

“…I’m quite cross!!!”

Donovan’s tenure on the show is close to an end. At least, as close as his rubbish can ever be. So this show is mostly his choices, and it causes some confusion, anger and drunkeness - though the latter may be because we had recorded 3 shows in one day, and we had overindulged greatly. If you need to know, then we had these folks on the show: BANISHED, HOLY HELL, SORCERY, RAMMING SPEED, BROKEN HOPE, BRUTALITY, ATHEIST, ENGLISH DOGS, IMMOLATION, G.B.H., NOCTURNUS, DISCHARGE, UNLEASHED, FEAR, CORONER, CLETIC FROST, LITTLE RICHARD and AMEBIX.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 35.9

Indulge in some religion-bashing comedy from RICHARD JENI! Also comedy from KYLE KINANE, ONION RADIO NEWS, and Bill's novelty favorites from "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC.

The Devil's Mischief #486 - 15th Anniversary of "You Are All Diseased"

"There is no God!" It was fifteen years ago this week that GEORGE CARLIN recorded his diabolical magnum opus, "You Are All Diseased".  Join The Devil's Mischief in celebrating the occasion with some blasphemous selections from the album and HBO special, along with some readings by Carlin from his book "Napalm & Silly Putty".  Also comedy from EUGENE MIRMAN and the bizarre novelty of PRIMUS.

George Carlin - You Are All Diseased (TDM)

The Devil's Mischief #458 - Richard Pryor, Todd Barry, Steve Martin

This week, the legendary stand-up of RICHARD PRYOR!  Also the deadpan comedy of TODD BARRY, classic tracks from CHEECH & CHONG, blasphemous novelty from STEVE MARTIN, and more religion-bashing humor from RICHARD BELZER who makes his Devil's Mischief's debut on this episode.

The Devil's Mischief #423

It's a whole new hour of carnal comedy and netherworld novelty with stand-up from NICK DI PAOLO, DOUG STANHOPE and LOUIE ANDERSON, plus a classic from JOHNNY CARSON and a few other oddities.  Listen now!

TDM #419: Bill Hicks, Bobby Slayton, Pat Godwin

The Devil's Mischief #419
May 28-June 3, 2012

Classic stand-up from BILL HICKS!  Also a generous dose of the pit bull of comedy, BOBBY SLAYTON, along with the more-metal-than-thou BRIAN POSEHN and the politically incorrect novelty of PAT GODWIN.

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