The Devil's Mischief: Best of Blasphemy #17

Don't miss the all new BEST OF BLASPHEMY special!  Hear an hour of some religion-wrecking, Bible-bashing humor selected from past episodes, including tracks from PATTON OSWALT, RICHARD JENI, ALL IN THE FAMILY, EUGENE MIRMAN, and a whole lot more.

The Devil's Mischief #457 - Goodnight, Edith

Actress Jean Stapleton, best known as Edith Bunker from the American television comedy series "All in the Family", recently passed away at the age of 90.  Hear a special Jean Stapleton memorial episode this week on The Devil's Mischief, which includes a hilariously blasphemous episode of "All in the Family" narred by Bill, plus selected interview clips.  Hail Edith!

TDM #425: "Movin' On Up..."

The Devil's Mischief pays tribute to the late SHERMAN HEMSLEY (1938-2012) with specially selected episodes of both ALL IN THE FAMILY and THE JEFFERSONS, narrated by Rev. Bill M.  Also, is there connection between The Jeffersons and the Nine Satanic Sins?  Tune in to find out!

Best of Blasphemy #6 (Episode 178)

From the Devil's Mischief archives (Episode 178, February 2007), it's THE BEST OF BLASPHEMY, VOLUME SIX!  Like all past Best of Blasphemy specials, this episode collected some of the best Bible-breaking, religion-wrecking comedy from episodes past.  Hear heretical hilarity from ROWAN ATKINSON, BRIAN POSEHN, NEIL HAMBURGER, DOUG STANHOPE, JOHN VALBY and so much more.  Available for download for the first time in five years.  Listen NOW!

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