Religious Freedom Day 2015 Contest

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Since 1992, January 16th has been designated Religious Freedom Day in celebration of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, written by Thomas Jefferson, that was passed on January 16 of 1786. The importance of this legislation to us Satanists is in both its broad pluralism and acceptance of non-participation. In many ways, this day serves both the pragmatism and the adversarial nature of the Satanic religion & philosophy. Religious Freedom Day recognizes the inalienable rights of proud productive Satanists who wish to stand as pillars of their communities & professions. At the same time, this day also lights a Promethean fire under those who try to push the phony “Christian nation” vision of America.

For more on Religious Freedom Day, check out the Church of Satan's official celebration of this important event with words from High Priest Peter H. Gilmore, the contributors at 9sense Podcast, Warlock Michaelanthony, Reverend Eric Vernor, and more!

In an exercise of our pride and patriotism, Radio Free Satan is celebrating this day by promoting the real-world accomplishments of our friends and associates.

Six lucky winners will receive one of the following:

$40 off an order at ASP Apparel (1)

$20 off an order at Underworld Amusements (1)

$25 off an order at Third Side Threads (1)

Digital version of Nathan Gray's latest solo album (3)

Share or comment on our social media networks (Facebook, Twitter) or comment below to enter, one entry per person. Winners will be selected by January 26th, 2015.

Good luck and Hail Satan!

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  • Christopher Burgert on

    Happy religious freedom day!

  • Marius Huseby on

    I want! 😀

  • Ryan R. on


  • Heather Height on

    Just any comment?

    • admin on

      You're in!

  • Colin martin on

    Excellent idea! It's a shame that the idea of religious freedom isn't practiced enough.

  • Ed on

    Happy R.F.D!

  • Adam Cash on

    A merry Religious Freedom Day to you all!

  • Skip on

    Comment full of commenting.

  • Robert on

    Happy Religious Freedom Day

  • Christopher Little on

    Be it known on this day, in the nation that enshrined freedom of religion, or lack thereof, and protected that ideal, even above the legislated protection of law-abiding citizens to own a firearm, I celebrate Religious Freedom Day wholeheartedly.

    Let it also stand as a reminder to those who would demand their religion be protected via government mandate that this nation was founded on secular ideals and the Common Law, not the ramblings of Bronze Age followers of the Abrahamic god. To them I say this:

    If your religion is truly a worthy one, it can withstand the criticisms it receives without need from government authorities; and, it would be indifferent to those that decide to follow another path.

    Happy #ReligiousFreedomDay
    Hail Satan!

  • Randy Robbins on

    Happy #religiousfreedomday

  • G O D on

    sATAN FUCKING RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chantal Winn on

    Sign me up, baby!

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