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The Metro #130
Outsight Radio Hours 654: Timothy Sellers (Artichoke)
9sense - 19 February, XLVII A.S.
Deep Six - Episode 104
The Devil's Mischief Rewind: episode #302

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  • Warlock Tier Instinct on

    Enjoying all of the shows and Reverend Bill M's rewinds are superb!


  • Paul on

    Always enjoy the shows here.

    Bill M occasionally, has sales of items, and you can get copies of past shows if that is included in the package.
    They are always worth more than they cost.

    Been missing some of the other shows that used to be here in the past Such as Evergreen's Classical music, he almost sounded like Snape on the Harry Potter movies. Then one of the other shows was Heavy metal memories, and the other is The Morgue, I have enjoyed others as well!

    Best of all the shows where have music that people here enjoy, unlike radio where the stuff that is played is stuff that they want to to like for their profit (no matter how much it sucks).

    As Frank Zappa once said, it was easier when the record producers would give people a chance, even if they did not like the music, but that does not hold true today, where many that are lead groups for the most part are not all that good, but are very popular.

    I do enjoy Dethlok, Beethoven and some rockabilly as well, and this station has that and much more.


  • Bill M. on

    Thanks for listening, Paul. RFS has been around for over 10 years, so not surprisingly so many shows have come and gone. Some shows were terrible and quite forgettable in my opinion. Some others were great, but unfortunately the DJs ended up quitting for one reason or another. It seems rare to see anybody consistently keep up with a podcast for more than year.

    As for the music industry playing stuff only for profit, well speaking as a Satanist I certainly can't criticize anybody who wants to make money! I am, after all, shamelessly materialistic. Of course, we as individuals aren't obligated to buy what's being sold to the masses. Fortunately technology these days makes it easier than ever to get shows out to the people who'll enjoy them, regardless of geography, etc.

    Rev Bill M.

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