Metal Invaders Episode 112 "Under Cover"


This week's set list features cover tunes by various artists. The original artist's name is in parentheses.

From this episode on, the show has a new logo created by Rawson Illustration.

1. Watain "Watain" (Von)

2.  Sigh "Black Metal "(Venom)

3.  Taake" Die When You Die" (GG Allin)

4.  Dissection "Elizabeth Bathori" (Tormentor)

5.  Gehenna "Transylvanian Hunger" (Darkthrone)

6.  Vader  "Fight Fire With Fire"  (Metallica)

7.  Krieg" Venus in Furs" (The Velvet Underground)

8.  Nachtmystium Rose Clouds Of Holocaust (Death In June)

9.  Cradle Of Filth "Sodomy and Lust" (Sodom)

10.  Impaled Nazarene "Burst Command til War "(Sodom)

11.  Absu "Deathcrush/Silvester Anfang" (Mayhem)

12.  Electric Hellfire Club  "Charles In Charge" (Tv Show Theme

13.   The Meads Of Asphodel "Wonderful World" (Loius Armstrong)

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  • Mike T on

    Such a great set list. Besides the brilliant covers motif, the bands on this list are as if plucked from my own head. Well done.

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