Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.8

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.8

“…Well, yes. Does a bit.”

Goddag, goddag! Tag hatten af! Back with a bang (but that was just the mixer exploding) and it’s a Danish Metal special this week. A vicarious vetting of vicious Vikings on this week’s episode, with Denmark’s finest put under scrutiny. As said, the mixer takes a shit and dies - it was Kent’s fault - so we had to take a few days off. These few days turned into 4 weeks, but we returned with a new mixer to finish ourselves off. Ooh-er. There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark, with so much metal you could shake a spear at it. Forsooth, and SKÅL! Verily, thou shalt have thine lugholes plundered by: EMBRACING SICKNESS, SLÆGT, IMPALERS, MONSTERBOSS, SPITANGER, DEUS OTIOSUS, THE NIMBWITS, KILLING GANDHI, RIPE, ARTILLERY, INFERNAL TORMENT, INIQUITY, DOWNLORD, CORPUS MORTALE, NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, STRANGLER and MERCYFUL FATE.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.8

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