Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.3

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.3

“Has anyone ever enjoyed…”

Beautiful Bob and the Delectable Dave are back in control…at least for the first half of the show. (Donovan is skiving off. Again.) Things will get back to normal soon, but for now we bring a nice slice of submitted sewage. The rubbish must flow! It certainly does as we’ve ample audio available for you to cheer and jeer. The first hour of power never sounded so terrible. A bit like that which comes next as the Other Dingram returns for the second half. He and his puppy Stamps play a selection of complete rubbish and try to end the show with some even worse crap. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. Once again they neglect to alert us beforehand as to what bands they will play, so your guess is as good as ours. Just let it be known that there’s NO Pantera on this episode. Though there is some DEAD END, MANGLED, CARBONIZED, SPECTRAL DARKWAVE, INCINERATE, ETERNAL SOLSTICE, NEPENTE, INVINCIBLE FORCE, CONCEIVED BY HATE and whatever crap The Other Dingram and his extra appendage Stamps chose to deign your lug holes with.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.3

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