Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.1

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.1

“Is he dead?”

Finally, a brand new show featuring all three of us. Wait…don’t hold your breath, because the first half of this was recorded while Donovan was still sick, so he’s absent from it. Dave and Bob more than make up for the lack of any Yankee-doodle, and they also take the piss a bit. Well the music didn’t really help matters. Second half was recorded some 3 weeks later - wibbly wobbly, timey wimey - and brings us back to full speed. Plenty of chat and chin-waggery, lots of delightful donations…except the one for TEN F**KING KRONER! With lots of news and brews, you’ll never want to snooze. If so you lose, and have to blow Tom Cruise. We’ll stop now. This week you can hear: UNREST, PUTRID OFFAL, SHREDHEAD, ARA, BIOTOXIC WARFARE, CROPSY MANIAC, THE OUTSIDE, ENTRENCH, VOICE OF THE SOUL, BABY METAL, DEVOID, TORTURE DIVISION, DISINTERRED, ESSENCE BEYOND, UNDEAD CREEP, HUMANITY DELETE, NAILGUN MASSACRE and WINTERWOLF.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 34.1

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