Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 33.3

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 33.3

“Wait a minute. Something’s different…”

It’s taken us 6 and a half years to get to 33.3, so it should be the same amount of time to get to 66.6. Think you guys can stand us for another 6 years or more? Well we can only do it if you help us out, so send your PayPal donations using - Now the shameless advertising is over, take a listen to this week’s episode which sees the first half split with new submissions and old, archived bands. Second half has Bob choosing most of the tracks, though Dave gets a few in - with Donovan in mind, of course. And that’s not as fruity as it sounds. Listen in for WHORE OF BETHLEHEM, HELLVEN, REVEL IN FLESH, LIVE BURIAL, DECIMATION, VOMITILE, KRLJA (yes, that’s how they spell it), DISFEAR, BURNING LEGION, CADAVERIC HUNTER, ILLDISPOSED, KILLING GHANDI (yes Bob, the spelling IS incorrect), HEAD CLEANER, CONTRITION, ESSENCE BEYOND, DISCHARGE, VENOM, BATHORY, and BOLT THROWER.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 33.3

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