Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 32.7

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 32.7

“Oh, have you not heard?”

We did say change was coming, and here it is. Metal Breakfast Radio is proud to announce the addition to our good friend Bob Thunder as third mic on the show. Bob will bring a soothing balm to our over-enthusiastic bitterness, to curb our button pressing tendencies. Who are we kidding?! He’s as trigger-happy as we are!! Join us in welcoming Bob to the show by dropping your trousers, pointing to your genitals and shouting, “Look! The last chicken in the shop!” On this episode you’ll get DISPLAY OF DECAY, DECAYING, BODE PRETO, DEAD INFECTION, NECROGOD, MORFIN, BESTIAL HOLOCAUST, MADROST, SEPTYCAL GORGE, BURNING LEATHER, VHOLDGHAST, BROWN SABBATH, COFFINBORN, HIRSIPUU, FUNEST, JUDAS PRIEST, REAGAN YOUTH, SINISTER, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and MALEVOLENT CREATION. With much gratitude to listener Eric G. for donating money for beers!

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 32.7

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