Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.8

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 23.9





Put on an adult diaper, grab your reading glasses, and ramp up your hearing aid! This week we are joined by our OLD mate Bob Thunder. He chips in with the critiquery (a new word we just invented) of submitted bands, and rubs our bishops with some choices of his own. Crack your arthritic joints in time to: INSET, SOLACE AND STABLE, SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT, DISINTEGRATE, INFERION, WITHDRAWAL, SILENCER, PUTRIFIED, WRITHING, WARLOCK, NOCTURNUS, BRAVE THE MOMENT, NILE, NAILS, GUMO MANIACS, MINCING FURY, INIQUITY and BONESAW.

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  • Matt DePlancke on

    Just got done listening and thought I'd inform you guys that you have indeed played Writhing before (episode 21.2 if I remember correctly), and to say thank you for doing so, and thatnks for the kind words! I'm their singer. You know, Matt DePlancke- the guy's name you had a good laugh at. I'm just pleased to hear you pronounced it correctly.

    Anyway, thanks again! Cheers!

  • Dave Ingram on

    Hey Matt!
    Many thanks for the comment, and for the laughs (hope we weren't too brutal)

    We appreciate you sending the music in, and glad you're enjoying the show.
    Nigh Swan!

  • Matt DePlancke on

    Haha. Not harsh at all. I am fully aware of the awkwardness of my last name. I couldn't complain regardless, considering you were kind to our band. I wuill be sure to inform the guys that we should try to keep the duration of our songs on the shorter end so we don't fall out of favor with you guys.

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