Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 22.8

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It's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly…timey-wimey…stuff.

Lawks! What a show it starts out to be! Regardless of a lot of very silly band names, there's some good chunderground bands kicking off this week's rubbish, but it all soon goes downhill. Listen in to see if they can pick up by the end of the first half, as the second half has us spinning some 'flassic' (fucking classic) tracks of our own choice. Jimmy cracked corn and we don't give a shit. This week we've got: BLOODJOB, DEADLY REMAINS, MORBID EXECUTION, CHEAP SEX, MORTAL INFINITY, BESTIAL HOLOCAUST, DEATHRONATION, PUS VOMIT, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, MINDSNARE, ENTOMBED, PARADISE LOST, FEAR, CELTIC FROST, NECROPHAGIST, VOIVOD, POSSESSED, ONSLAUGHT and MURRAY GOLD.

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