Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 22.6

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Nothing but long-haired layabouts letting it all hang out!


A ripsnorter of a show this week, featuring new submissions from bands and the subtle wafflings of us 2 crumblies chatting about cleaning CDs with pastrami nectar, doing unspeakable things to cats (we didn't!) and some nifty interpretive dance. In fact there was so much joviality, we even had to edit ourselves out of some of this one in places! Listen in, if you so dare, and lick your lug-holes to the limp-wristed lasciviousness of: POISONOUS, PERVENCER, THORNAFIRE, ANAL FLESH, ENTHRALLMENT, KRAANIUM, DINOZAURUS, CHTON, SUFFERINFUCK, BETRAYER F.T.M., BONESAW, ATROCITY, BLACK BREATH, PRONG, CUNT CARNAGE, GWAR, ENTRAILS, MANOWAR, LOST SOUL and SHREDDING CONSEQUENCES.

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