Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 21.1

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Let's see if I can get the data file correct this week, eh folks?

Oh no, I haven't got to listen to all that rubbish have I…?

They say laughter is infectious. If that's the case then we're totally sterile.

THIS week's show was recorded on January 24th 2012, the day before Dave's 43rd birthday, so he gets to choose the rubbish for that gets played. Both he and Donovan are joined by Bob Thunder, an old guy who was once adapted as a stage play, for an evening of delightfully witty conversation and the appreciation of metallic melodies. What a complete load of utter cobblers. Featuring: PUNGENT STENCH, LOST SOUL, DISCHARGE, LINK WRAY & HIS MEN, CANNIBAL CORPSE, POSSESSED, THE CRAMPS (almost), CELTIC FROST, GRAMIE DEE, THE ART-ATTACKS, BLOOD MONEY (sort of), KING'S X, BULLDOZER, DAIKAIJU, VADER, ONSLAUGHT, BOLT THROWER, BLODARV and DUKE ELLINGTON.

Metal Breakfast Radio: An enigma, wrapped in a mystery, rolled in a tortilla.

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